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If you will be moving into company issued housing, your employer may provide many necessities for you upon arrival — this may include bedding (sheets, pillows, comforter), towels, dishes, and pots and pans. The department responsible for your hire should make a list for you of what they will provide you with to make the packing easier for you and your family. Most of the things you are used to in Western countries are available in Kuwait but it’s still a good idea to bring any products you’re particularly fond of.

Moving your belongings to Kuwait

Also, you can ask your employer to recommend shipping or removal companies or alternatively, you can purchase excess baggage for your flight, as per the airline’s rules. Most employers will offer a stipend either for the shipment or excess baggage fees.

All items brought into Kuwait are searched for illegal items. All bags brought onto the flight will be x-rayed and are subject to additional searches. Items shipped to Kuwait will be processed through customs. Your shipping company should be able to give you an estimate of the expected transit time through customs.

Arriving in Kuwait

When you arrive in Kuwait your company may have someone meet you to escort you and your family through the visa process, if needed. They will also assist you in gathering your luggage and obtaining transportation to your new home. Make sure that you have the address of your new apartment available to provide to your driver.

Having a phone service upon arrival can be very helpful, especially for communications with your company and family members who accompanied you to Kuwait — you can purchase SIM cards for your phone in the airport . Kuwait has no shortage of restaurants so you’ll have many places to choose from for your first meal in Kuwait.

Moving with your pet to Kuwait

It is possible to import pets into Kuwait. This requires several documents to be obtained before the arrival of your pet — a Veterinary Health Certificate from your home country, a letter from your apartment rental company stating that they will allow you to have your pet in the apartment, etc.. Once your pet arrives in Kuwait the import process continues with obtaining several other certificates, such as a certificate from a veterinarian in Kuwait, and paying several import fees.

It is highly advisable to move to Kuwait without your pets in the first instance. This will allow you to find an appropriate apartment and complete all necessary paperwork within Kuwait. When you are ready for your pet to join you then you can either enlist the services of a pet relocation agency or travel back to your home country and bring your pet back to Kuwait with you.

The customs process upon landing in Kuwait can take several hours. Keep this in mind in addition to the temperatures that will be endured during the loading and unloading process on the tarmac. Choose the coolest time of the year to relocate your pet, and be well-prepared with water for your pet and plenty of extra cash to pay for multiple customs fees. Once your pet is in Kuwait you will have no problem finding pet services such as daycare, boarding, grooming, pet stores, and veterinarians.

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Travelling with your pet is the most economical way to relocate your pet.

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