What to bring???

Hi all!
I'm moving to Kuwait this fall to teach, and I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions about what to bring with... I've heard that most the necessities are available, but am just thinking along the lines of toiletries/cosmetics, spices/teas etc... or particular brand names that may not be available... I'm Canadian, so if any North Americans have noticed anything in particular thats unattainable in Kuwait.... Thanks all!!


toiletries are easily obtained as long as you are not too picky about brand and etc. I DEFINITELY recommend you bringing a small stockpile of your cosmetics. There is MAC and Debenhams (which carries Lancome and etc. cosmetics) but if you have favorite products I strongly recommend you bring extras with you. I ran into that problem and turned to Amazon or other sites online to order them, it was a pain.

Spices are available for the most part. Although teas are limited. I would definitely bring a few boxes of your favorite to hold you over until you can find the tea here or find a suitable replacement.

As to clothes or such, for more European/Western dress it is somewhat limited. Although, I strongly recommend you do most of your shopping online. No need to build up your closet before you get here, but be prepared to shop online. Amazon and sites that ship to APO will be your greatest ally. Consider asking a family member or friend back home to forward any orders you place if you can't get the online company to ship to Kuwait. A bit more expensive, but well worth the cost in my opinion.

I hope that helps, and let me know if that answers all your questions!


Thanks so much for the info... much appreciated... I'll make sure to stock up on teatley tea before I leave :)
And, on a side note, I am a MAC junkie... so you totally made my day by telling me they have one :) Its a weakness :)
Thanks again!

Make friends with an American on one of the many bases here... you can have stuff shipped to his/her APO address for the same shipping cost within the continental U.S.  I have a Canadian friend who works for a Kuwaiti company and has no ties with the U.S. military... I've lost COUNT of how many boxes from Amazon I've received for her...haha.  It's no big deal for me.  I just think it's criminal how much it costs expats living "on the economy" to ship stuff internationally.  Anyhow, best of luck.  If you're arriving for the Fall term, be prepared for the heat, it will still be hot then and most likely you'll land right in the middle of Ramadan...always a treat (sarcasm).  God Bless and good travels.

Camp Beuhring, Kuwait.

LOL... its funny that you should mention that... I did the exact same thing when I was living in South Korea.... one must always have an American military connection while travelling.... its really the only way to stay stocked up in Reese's Pieces and Taco Bell :)
And yes, I will be arriving in the middle of Ramadan... not exactly sure what that means, aside from no food or drink in public... which sounds like a quick way to get dehydrated and heat stroke.....

Just bring your normal things like cloths, personal things etc...
Just do not bring drags or alcohol because it make people act crazy as you know lool :).

Its simple do not worry about Kuwait and it safe .The weather is hot and you will feel bored if you do not know some people here.

I wish good luck in your new job in Kuwait and do not hesitates to ask for any help.

Thanks for the advice... thats the impression Im getting... just bring personal effects... Ill make sure to stock up on my favourite teas/body lotions before I leave though :)
I'm sure I'll have a million other questions to ask before then...

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