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Being a diverse city, Antwerp welcomes expatriates from across the globe. helps you find accommodation in the capital of the diamond.

Life in Belgium does not revolve solely around Brussels, its capital city. Antwerp is another of its main pillars, also being one of the European Union's major cities. It is known to be the capital of the diamond, along with being a major industrial, petrochemical and industrial hub. Antwerp also holds a rich cultural heritage, having a multi-cultural population including expatriates coming from many foreign countries.

Hence, Antwerp has as much to offer to foreigners. You will definitely not be disappointed if you intend to settle there. But you are advised to inquire on its different neighborhoods beforehand. This could help you determine where you would prefer to live.


Antwerp consists of nine districts, namely Antwerp, Berchem, Berendrecht-Zandvliet-Lillo, Borgerhout, Deurne, Ekeren, Hoboken, Merksem and Wilrijk.

The most prominent districts are:

Antwerp, which results from the merging of three villages, namely Lillo, Zandvliet and Berendrecht in 1958. Antwerp, in turn, consists of 22 neighborhoods which hosts various places of interest, including the Diamond Museum and the famous Antwerp Zoo.

Berchem which stretches over some 5.79 square kilometers only. But it still has a few tourist attractions such as the Sacred Heart Basilica and the Flemish Bus and Tram Museum.

Berendrecht-Zandvliet-Lillo, resulting from the merging of three municipalities. This neighborhood particularly hosts a 500 feet long and 68 wide lock which connects Scheldt to the docks on the river's east bank. It is also known to be the world's largest lock.

Deurne is Antwerp's second largest neighborhood with its 13.06 square kilometers. It has a dense population, including foreigners, and it also hosts an airport.

Find accommodation

You can start your search by checking out accommodation offers on specialized websites and classified ads in local newspapers. You might as well seek the help of real estate professionals, either by dropping by or by calling an agent. Word-of-mouth may also be helpful if you have friends or relatives in Antwerp.

Rent prices

According to real estate professionals, you can currently rent an apartment as from 8.74 euros per square meter, that is an average of 675 euros per month.

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