Herentals for Expats

Dear Members,
I have received my work permit and will be filing for my visa next week. As per embassy, this will be granted within a week so things are moving really fast. I plan to arrive by 10 Feb 2016 if all goes as per plan.

I initially planned to settle in Antwerp 2000. My work location is Laakdal. I have backpain issue so cannot drive for a very long duration. (55 Km one way)

Can you share your thoughts on how Herentals can be for expats. The agency handling my visa application recommends me to find accomodation in Herentals ( 25 Km one way, Less Rent)

What will be the possible disadvantages of living in Herentals for expats?


What is wrong with Laakdal? It is no worse than Herentals so why on earth would you live further away when you will spend so long on the road just to spend any money saved on driving to work?

Hi Faizan,

I am in the same delima, I got job in Herantals, but finding it difficult to make a decision to stay in Herentals or Antwerp. Did you figure out where you are gonna stay?

I am writing this post, so as to save a fellow expat from the mistake I did by staying in Herentals. Now that I have stayed in Herentals for over 4 months i feel i could well describe this town.
In short its unfriendly and unwelcoming to expats! I cannot generalise the statement but 99% of the people here are unwelcoming rather rude at times.
You could be confronted for very small things ranging from using an elevator to take your small ikea chair upstairs, to using public free parking spot (because someone usually park their)
To avoid unnecessary complications please avoid living in Herentals if you can! The better options might be Antwerp, leuven, aarschot

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