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Yokohama is one of Japan’s largest cities, second only to the big capital Tokyo. Its current population exceeds 3 million and includes many foreign nationals too. It is located in the south east of the Honshu Island and is the capital of Kanagawa prefecture. The city has many beaches and a large port area too, which draws tourists, as well as those looking for a job in Yokohoma.

Yokohama's economy

Yokohama is primarily a maritime area and so a great amount of its economy stems from its large port. The port is the largest in Japan and connects the city to not only other cities in Japan, but worldwide too. As it is a port city the main areas contributing to the economy are trade, import and export, with lots of job opportunities being in these areas too.

Yokohama however is not just a port city and actually has several highly built up industries. Other areas that contribute are the shipping, steel, tourism and automobile industries with the famous Nissan automotive company headquarters being situated in the city!


As Yokohama has a lot of tourist activity this means that there are often openings for work in the tourism industry. The city has many zoos, famous landmarks, Japanese temples and shrines that draw people to visit. As well as this there are many hotels, hostels and entertainment establishments. Work for foreign nationals can be found quite easily in these places, particularly if you have both foreign and Japanese language skills to offer, or if you have great experience working in one of these fields before. Yokohama also has a thriving Chinatown and so there are opportunities in this area of Yokohama for expatriates too.

The education sector in Yokohama is also rife with opportunities for employment for expats. As Yokohama is a tourist city, many of its Japanese population are eager to learn foreign languages in order to cater to their foreign visitors. As such, there are many English language schools hiring as well as jobs teaching other foreign languages. Teaching jobs can also be found in traditional schools and kindergartens too.

If you are more interested in the trade, import/export industries work can also be found here too, provided you possess the necessary skills, qualifications and experience. Note it is also often necessary to have a high level of Japanese in addition to the other requirements.

Finding a job in Yokohama

As Yokohama has a large expatriate society and has job availabities in many fields it is not so hard to find a job. To search for a job you can use one of many online job websites or apply to online classifieds. Classified ads can also be found in newspapers.

Since there are a good few companies in Yokohama that hire foreigners it is also good to apply to companies directly. If you have no luck with your individual search you can sign up with a recruitment agency that will help to match your profile to your ideal job.

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