Opening a business in Japan

I tried out in different site regarding the cost and labor entailed in opening some mid range leisure business in cities of japan excluding Tokyo.

I am quite sure that someone over this forum would be able me or at least provide some information about cost for opening a small bar for instance pub size with some bar foods and also all the formalities that i need to go through as an expatriate.

suggestions would be highly appreciated.


Hi Ro,

I have just read your post and I think I can help you somehow since I am an expat living in Japan for many years and just returned from Sydney.

Inbox me and probably we can help each other out.


Alberto Uesugi

Sincerely, new business ownered by foreigner outside Tokyo or others cities probably will be dificult.
Big cities are open to foreigners, they are much foreigners citizens living, but, small citie's populations are much more closed, and if you don't speak good japanese, success will be difficult... otherwise, in big cities foreigners, are all well welcome.
The most difficult for a foreigner is to get a place to start.
You want a "hoshounin" (guarantor) and have to pay about 7 or 8 times of warrenty and deposit, etc... If you have a close friend or family members here, that's all right.
I hope that my comments will help you to decide.
good luck

Hi Okada,

Thanks for your response.
I would appreciate if you could let me know how much on average will it cost to open a normal restaurant or a small bar outside tokyo in other cities or even in tokyo.

thanks in advance..rohit

Hi Horit,
first of all, I suggest you to ask about your visa (Japanese Consulate) before make plans.
It's more easier if you give an idea about the location, how many tables, etc...
Of course, good location rental fees and not so good location costs are many times different...

I have a japanese work visa.....and also a japanese friend who is willing to start a partnership with me if i move to japan. I was planning to move to Fukuoka and open a restaurant most probably around 30-40 seats or even a pub. I am not looking for big profit just income that will help me to live normal japanese life..

If you have yet a japanese partner, you have to ask him... your partner will certainly know about costs and prices according yours plans dimensions and budget.

good luck

Hi Okada,

Thanks for your suggestion but if the who would like to get into partnership with me would be able to grab the info about cost, I would not be following the blogs and forums.

If you could give me an average costing that would be great. If you don't want, that's too is OK. No Prob. Thanks for your time.

from 5.000.000 to 30.000.000 yenes.
you want have special license to work with foods or have a employ with this license.

thanks Okada..

the costs I present you are in Tokyo ... in Fukuoka I don't have no informations.
If your partner lives in Fukuoka, he is able to have better informations ... he can sign as warrantor if he is working more than 2 years in the same company, or he's parents if they have immobile properties as guarantee...
have a good day

I reckon the cost should be lower in fukuoka and yes she has immovable property.

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If you want to open up a 40 seat restaurant, pub or similar, cost would be coming around 20,000,000 in yen or 200,000 USD.

fyi usd 200,000 is much lower than singapore
for a similar size business
unless it is not tokyo or osaka

Here's some useful links on information about starting a business in Japan and  a link to a business visa lawyer's site. Hope this helps

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