Hello everyone!

We are Val and Eddie Herring, who recently relocated to the island of Malta from the USA.

I was born on the island, but left when I was 13, when my military family immigrated to Australia. 
I later met and married my American husband and lived all over the USA, until we moved to Malta last year.

We currently live in Qawra/St. Paul's Bay and we're looking to meet other members with similar interests.  I love gardening, cooking/entertaining and working on jigsaw puzzles, whilst my husband is very much the handy man, who loves to paint (oil medium) and also does fantastic pen and ink sketchings!  We both love to travel, watch movies, have picnics at the beach, go to Happy Hour and listen to music/attend concerts and play board games/cards.

FYI, we are both very young at heart regardless of being in our 70's (going on 40's actually)!!!  1f923.svg1f923.svg1f923.svg

We'd love to meet some of you one day very soon!

Thanks for reading our post!

Take care,
Val and Eddie Herring

@itchyfeet247 hi hello

Hey Val and Eddie,

Welcome to expat.com, thanks for your nice introduction! 1f642.svg
Hope you can make new friends soon!

Welcome to you too!

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