Trying since May to get a visa appointment for France

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we have been trying since May to get a Visa appointment for a year in France (family of four) to no avail. Any thoughts or recommendations? We have everything in order, accommodations arranged, even a bank account-- and the kids are already enrolled in school!

Is there something we don't know?

Thank you.

Jjust keep on trying my dear don't lose hope you never know one day you may go through...that how France is.....wish you the best

Hiya this is interesting as me and my family (of 4) are relocating next year.

How are you finding the decision to go? Which region are you heading to?

If you live in a small town go to the Vice Mayor or friendly-looking person in the Mayor's office for help. 
A visa is gotten in your home country. If you came here legally as a tourist and overstayed they believe you broke the law.  Go to the Prefectures website as if you applying for a renewal of Carte Sejour and go through all the questions. That will give you a list of all the documents that you will need. 

If you are not here in France go to ( ) or (VFS Global) for your current country. It is all done on the internet. After your documents are excepted they will set up an appointment ( In the US it is with a subcontractor)  Go through the AP very carefully. When applying they will estimate the time it will not be shorter it is almost always more. And if you miss something they will not tell you until the time is up and you will be back at the end of the line.  John

The Link under review is the French Embassy Web Site in the Country of your current residency.  
And VFS Global is the subcontractor France uses in the US and maybe everywhere. I do not know. But the
 Embassy web Site is the best.  The first question they ask what Visa do you want.  Pick one and go on. Until it stops you. The site is asking for the answer that you are looking for. So just go back to the start and try another choice.   Just do not apply until you get the right one.  If you apply for the wrong type of visa you are stuck with it.  John  Questions just reach out.  
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Link has been validated...

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You have to go to your own country to apply and if you are here illegally you might as well move back home.
Since covid very few visas are approved.

@VercorsFam Are you currently in France, if not, what country?


Application for visa appointment is done online...not sure if that's what you did already. It is usually quick and easy. I received my visa in 11 days from my visa appointment.
Ok i accept this appointment 
I will very wait
I accept this oppoinment i will very wait