Travelling from UK to Spain - Residency in application process

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I am a Brit currently residing in Spain with my Spanish girlfriend. I am hoping to live here permanently with her but I am still awaiting for my residency to be approved.

My situation is a little tricky and I am grateful for any advice anyone could give me at this stage in time.

So to make things clear, my residency is in the application process and I have now been in Spain for more than 6 months, which I think overstays the allowed time for a non-resident.

I would like to travel back to the UK to see my family, but I feel I may encounter a problem when returning back into Spain, as I have not had my residency approved yet and I have also stayed more than 6 months.

My question is, do you think the Spanish authorities will let me back into Spain if I show them my application documents and NIE number or do you think they will deny me entry?

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I would recommend that you get your residency if this is possible and then travel back to UK. With regards of the return to Spain, we'll... I would suggest to get in touch (send a Spanish person) with the authorities.

Sorry, I've never heard of any similar situation, maybe other members know more
Hi Dan
I don't know spanish specific related immigration law but in general it works the way that you have to wait inside the country you overstayed till your application gets through and is granted. If you leave prior you might denied reentry and also jeopardise your application.
There are few exceptions like:
Unless you meantime got married there, applied for a spouse visa and waiting, the state can give you a parole for temporary travelling abroad with limited stay outside Spain (I.e 2wks max) and then return and wait again till approval.

Best to get an immigration lawyer on board, pay him/her an hour of proper advise as each country works differently.

You can always apply for a specific document which you have to show to the authorities while coiming back from the UK. Check it with the immagration in your area.

@Dihotomizare Thank you for your advice. Yes this seems like the safe thing to do if there is no other way. Thank you

@nikinguyen75  That's really helpful information, thank you for that. I will look into this.

@semthadeus I will definitely look into this also, thank you so much!