Thai Lottery

Hi, one quick question. I'm living in Vietnam. My friend went to Thai. And he bought Thai lottery tickets and came to Vietnam. He gave me those tickets as a present. Now, I won like 16000 bhts. How can I claim it?. Someone please explain. Now my friend is in Hong Kong.

I looked Thai lottery scams.
They are many and varied but one is selling 'winning' tickets from abroad for cash.

Real ticket claims … -claiming/

Book a train ticket?

Thanks, but my ticket is authentic. I checked with bar code.

Looks like a trip to Thailand

U have 2 be in Thailand 2 collect money.Or send 2 a friend in Thailand who can collect it 4 u

16000 B in USD is a little under $500

Send the lotto ticket to a friend in Thailand and get them to cash it in, And give them 25%-50% for it, And send the rest to you.
Even if they do a number on you, So what, It is only 16k Baht.

Taking into account a trip to Thailand, staying at quarantine hotel for 1 day (IF the test result is back in 24 hours), Food.

If return right away back to Vietnam, Then trip back, is there any quarantine requirements to return ?
What going to be back of the small amount of money then ?

If you have no other reason to come to Thailand beside the lotto ticket, Then why go through all of that for nearly nothing in the end ?

Well that the way i see it.