Unhappy Farangs

I am subscribed to a few Thai/Farang Forums. To do research for my planned immigration to Thailand. I just saw a website that disturbed me a lot.I noticed on many forums there is a lot of negativity from expats in Thailand. Many seems to be unhappy but still stays there.The website I saw was https://www.worldnomads.com/travel-safe … ed-to-know

Is this the reality in Thailand?

Hi, most foreigners are generally happy living in Thailand but there are aspects of living there which are  annoying to say the least . And theres not much we can do about it . Dual pricing is one point that annoys me , , restaurants , taxis , shops , national parks all have separate prices for thais and foreigners , foreigners paying up to 5 times more in some cases. Thais refer to us as walking ATMs  and there is this widespread belief that we are all wealthy.  If you eat out with thai people you are expected to pay the bulk of the bill even if you barely know them . Iv been to restaurants with a thai girlfriend and she has been asked to order more food than she can ever eat and she will receive a tip later. Many shops do the same , buy a handbag at inflated prices , bring it back tomorrow and get a tip. Then theres the inflated taxi costs , refusal to use metre . Extra beers being added to your bar bill,  extra food added to your food bill, Constant charitable demands for vet fees for the sick buffalo, grandmas operation, the leaky roof , a childs education. A common saying in Thailand is "Thai rak Thai" Thais love Thai . Which literally means they will always be right by supporting each other, while us as foreigners will always be wrong and if were not happy with that , go home . I thai girl stole my phone before , police caught her with it and let her go , they threatened to have me arrested for accusing her of being a thief. Another time i had a necklace stolen from my apartment, police interrogated me for 4 hours about the "insurance fraud "i was attempting.  The scams in thailand are endless , proceed with caution. Good luck in your travels and dont hesitate if you need anymore info .  Good luck , Terry

Thanks Terry! :)

Wow, thanks for the insight.

There is a certain kind of punter who hangs out in a certain kind of place who invariably ends up telling tales of woe to anyone who will listen.  Try running in better circles and you don't have those same problems.  I am not saying bad things don't happen in Thailand but these stories tell me much more about the storyteller and what he is doing in Thailand.  If bad things happen to you, then you are doing something wrong and you need to take a good look in the mirror.

As to the topic Unhappy Farangs, there are more than a few out there.  Personally I am very happy living here but know many who are not and whine incessantly.

Hi Villagefarang

I have been in Thailand for a month a few years ago, and can not say I had a bad experience there. In fact I fell in love with Thailand and its people. I know its not the same as living there, but I have a few Thai friends in South Africa as well and find them to be very pleasant friendly people.

I personally think Thailand is what you make of it.

Hello Anton & Amp: Jacky,
Here is my little story, I have been here three years now and I do not regret it. For me it has been a pretty good experience. Although if everything goes to plan I will be back in Australia in about three years time. The reasons for this is due to my health and my future wife's two girls getting a better education and much better career prospects.
Putting it bluntly forums are not the best place to. I read the forums as well before I came to Thailand and I nearly did not come here. It is nearly always best to come here yourself and get the feel of Thailand first.
We all know that Thailand is not everyone. The main I find is you are not as is control as you are in your own country. You need to rely on other people more to help you out .
When you first arrive here you are target, so the best thing to do is not to commit yourself to anything until you have met people you can trust. Stay away from "Mr and Mrs Negatives" who cannot say a positive about anything.
There are a lot of people here from all over the world who have a positive attitude towards Thailand. Visiting shops or eateries run by Farang are pretty places to meet the type of people I am talking about.
My only real gripe with the Thai's is their driving and scooter riding, road rules, what rules.

Negative stories on the internet, I think it is because that the way the world is today.
Look at the news in TV, Good & Positive very little cover.
Bad & Negative, Huge cover, run and rerun, then some more reruns.

Like villagefarang i think many put them selv in bad / negative situation.
And yes, I do know all so, That bad things happened here.

I do not mind Personal the Dual price on the place the Thai Government say we need to pay more.
I think if people don´t like it, Then don´t pay and stay out !!!

People that happy, Don´t have the "NEED" to write it again and again on the internet.
They enjoy life in full.

Soon i hit 7 years in Thailand, And i am super happy here.
Have 1-2 taxie say No Meter, Fine i go out and take next Taxie that put on meter, No problem for me.

Back when i did drink here in Thailand, Order a beer, pay for beer, drink the beer, order new beer, pay the beer and so on.

I know from my time as a bartender back home, That nearly 100% of people that get it written down and pay when they go, Nearly all ways say, Can´t be right, They not drink / order all of that !!!
But again, Sure i know that some times it do happen, That additional "Item" got on the bills here in Thailand.

As i say in a other tropic, I never be ask / expected to pay for anyone, Thai all ways pay for them self, offer to pay for me, Or we pay the bill together.

Nearly 7 years, And not once any demands from Thai wife, Our Familie or our friends.

If it was me, Then stop reading on the internet about live / living in Thailand.
And come and live and make up you own mind, From your own experience.

Hello Anton & Jacky,
Yes there are very negative farangs living in Thailand, there are also very happy farangs. The unhappy  ones are generally living in an environment surrounded by other unhappy farangs, drinking beer most of the day and criticising everything about Thailand, and have no interest in Thai culture, or getting to know Thai people.
The best of Thailand is not Pattaya, soi Cowboy, soi Nana, or Khaosan Road. It is where there are very few tourists and maybe very few expats and nobody speaks English.
I can only say from personal experience that if you learn just a little Thai and go to those places, there are plenty in Isan and north Thailand, you will discover wonders!
So everything depends on your attitude, Thailand does not reveal itself easily, it has to be discovered!
Best of luck to you if you plan to live in Thailand!

I must point out that the bad points about Thailand that i described earlier were the worst points i have experienced in visiting the country for over 20 years and living there for 2 years  The vast majority of people were good but proceed with caution as a lot arent foreigner friendly. My bad experiences occured in areas such as HuaHin, Bangkok, Nakhonratchsima, and Udon thani. Not the back street beer bars as some may suggest.
As a visitor to Thailand i expect to be treated with respect regardless of where i go especially by police , not viewed as an easy target to be scammed.


Move to Thailand, live for a year and you will make best and personal decision.

After 1 year "happy" retirement in Thailand, my friend is going back.

I have been living in Thailand for about four years and it is about time to move out to start happy new life. 

We are not pubs/bars people but we enjoy quality drinks at good price.

Trust No One.

Unhappy people have 95% legitimate reasons.

Happy people 95% brainwashed by Thai bf/gf

Your Life
Your Choice

Let me throw something out as something of an example.

One night I was driving home. I was in this sort of round about, under a bridge, and as I made the turn I have to go up a hill. Oh, this road is one way, the direction in which I am going. As I'm going up the hill, over the hill comes a motor bike headlight. Probably because of the surprise I went down on my motor bike and the other driver just drives away. And then seemingly from nowhere there are maybe three Thai's helping get me off of the ground. So what do you do. Do you focus upon your right of way and your indignation or do you focus on the kind helpfulness of the Thai people?

Thailand is a different part of the world with it's own way of operating. If you were to watch The King and I (which is forbidden to be shown in public in Thailand) you would see an element of the culture and some reasons why they act the way they do.

I see the mention of Hua Hin, Udon, and Bangkok. Udon was an R and R sight for American soldiers during the Vietnam war. I'm sure that Udon has some scars from that era. I was in Bangkok maybe 1970. Back then it was a city and it was nice and friendly, even with it's seedy side. But now it's a city of 6 or 8 million people. With that many people I'm sure they have all kinds of problems. I think it was this past May that I was in Hua Hin. I found a café that seemed to be in a Swiss community, along with Brit's and Australians and they were very friendly. I was also in the tourist beach area and I was being treated as a tourist who has money to throw away. I was just there for a few days  so I don't have any more to contribute.

Us Farangs come to Thailand with the baggage of our expectations from our home country and our own expectation with communication. A case in point; if you ask a Thai for directions some Thai's will take you to someone who can give you an answer. Or the Thai might give you direction but they are not correct but he wants to make you happy or is afraid to demonstrate his lack of knowledge. Coming or moving to Thailand includes a significant learning curve. At first it's very pleasant. As time progresses and you have to deal with functions of living in Thailand things can become challenging to the point where you question your stay in Thailand. It's up to the individual as to whether or not he wants to adjust to the "Thai Way" or not. Thailand is not necessarily going to adjust to any foreigner, as is the case in any country.

Hi Guys and Girls

I appreciate your information. Thank you.
Personally for me and my wife we are ready and willing to embrace the Thai way of life.
I do believe any country has it problems, and believe me when I say here in South Africa its much worse than in Thailand. Crime is much worse and people ignoring the traffic rules are worse. Our government is probably the most corrupt in the world. I do feel more at home and have more rights in Thailand and even other countries I have been to the last few years than I have in my own country.

So all in all moving to Thailand would be an upgrade for us! :)

I think maybe the" Unhappy Farangs "are used to a better living in their country. I do not know how they live over there, I am only speculating. I also think you will not be happy in Thailand if you try and live the western kind of life. Like someone said we are visitors in their country and should adapt. I have great respect for their culture and religion, and think if you are nice to the Thai people they will be nice to you.

I am not blind and realise any country does have its problems. Scammers etc. But I think I am careful enough not to fall for it. Like I said my Country is much worse.

I just needed to say I love your positive vibes and your posts really inspire me - Thankyou

Anton, the article you shared was about how to deal with the Thai police.
Many of us come from countries where the police are not as corrupt as those in other countries may be. We may be accustomed to assuming that all of our rights are universally protected. I don't see it negative to point out how things are different in Thailand. The article might just as well be pointing out differences in weather.

I know that some people complain, no matter what Eden they may be planted in. Of course they outnumber the people who feel like singing the praises of their home, and the internet tends to amplify the negative news.

I don't choose to complain about the place I choose to live, and I don't even choose to complain about the people who complain about it. :)

Right now, I am still in the USA. It's very cold in the morning, and I find myself wishing it was hot, like it is in Thailand.
Good luck with that, sport!

I think a lot of people have trouble with Thailand or other countries when they expect or hope it to be like their home country. It ain't and it won't, might as well wish for the weather to suit your fancy. Bloom where you're planted.

Speaking of weather, it has hit single digits recently (6 celsius) and I am wearing a jacket and long pants around the house.  Much colder than last year.  A few mountain tops even went subzero.  So much for being hot in Thailand but it won't last long.

I am in the same situation as you, I am planning on my move during March next year. I am on visit number 12 in 18 months, you have to live the life you want not how the others perceive it. Personally I believe that the negative and unhappy people would be the same anywhere they care to go, even in paradise, they are continually sniping at the Thai government, they forget they are guests here, the rules are there for all to be guided by.
So forget the negative people and enjoy your life when you emigrate.

Hi guys and girls :)

The reason I shared the article was to investigate the negativity of Farangs in Thailand. The article could have been about a lot of other things as well.I never had problems with the police in any country, because I stick to the rules.And if it should happen, I will just pay the fine and move on with my life.

As for the heat in Thailand, I am used to it. I work in a bakery which sometimes the temperature and humidity are higher than in Thailand. I will adapt to anything the weather throws my way. :)

I am moving to Thailand because I know it is better there than where I am currently living. :)

Like Blue dove is saying. We are guests in Thailand. Respect their Culture and Customs and do not try to change them, even just to see your point of view.They are who they are and we have to adapt.When in Rome........ :)

i am really enjoying this site and forum alot of you are so wize and i love alot of the motivational quotes o wow im so ready to move just a matter of a lil time and qwerks lol happy holidayz. :)

Thailand is a good country but has a very dark and dangerous under belly that you can find yourself caught up in without knowing it . You can find yourself in certain situations that can prove difficult or expensive to get out of through no fault of your own. Proceed with caution.

As a thought;

Try comparing Thailand to Mexico. Many decades ago Mexico was considered something of a paradise for Americans. As time progressed that became less the case. It used to be affordable. As time progressed, with the influence of Americans, it became competitive to the US, even for Mexicans living in the US. At one time corruption wasn't a big deal. Now it has developed into being a home for drug cartels, with the corruption that comes with the drug business. Recently I saw something where the cartels or whomever were assassinating newspaper reporters who spoke against the corruption or the cartels. There was a time when Mexicans were open and friendly. Today there is too much fear around the country.

Thailand is not exactly a paradise. There is always some kind of hustle going on, even with fellow Farangs. But then again where is that not true. I might be demonstrating my ignorance, but I have no desire to live in Africa or the middle east. Thailand has it's challenges, in part because of the growing affluence (which in some circles is certainly lopsided). But as one gets away from the congested or Farang areas, one finds the heart of the people of Thailand.

Very well put .

For many USA natives, Mexico is a good reference point, especially if they live near enough to the border to pay a visit to our neighbor to the south. (Yes, Bill, Ensenada was on my short list, to be sure.) In the US Navy, I was surprised by how many of my American shipmates had never been exposed to the Rest of the World ("Third World Countries"); they embarked into the streets of the Philippines with shock on their faces. Having grown up in San Diego, I had seen it all before.
In Thailand, I see much less open poverty; much fewer beggars for instance. In fact, less apparent homelessness than in Silicon Valley. One factor may be a lack of a minimum wage in Thailand.

There is a minimum wage in Thailand. 300 baht per day round here.

Thanks, didn't know that.

I think one can live here happily and successfully if one understands that they are in Thailand and not back home in their western nation. Don't expect Thailand to adopt your ways. You're the outsider. With that said it is quite easy to adapt and live here.

The people are friendly and like westerners. The food is great. The cost of living is low. The country is scenic and the regions are different. I personally do not care for Bkk but then again I wouldn't be delighted to be living in LA. or Mumbai.

The most difficult issue for me is speaking Thai. I've had the same issue with Dutch,German and French. Despite being language challenged I have no problem with every day life such as buying food at a restaurant or at the local outdoor market where I'm the only English speaking customer.

I agree with TonyST's comments above. Some have a difficult time finding happiness where ever they are including their departed homeland.

I agree with Bill Kip's comments and believe that you can easily fall prey to hustlers here just as you can anywhere if you are naive. I add that Bkk pick pockets are as adept as those in Rome,Paris,Madrid and a number of other large cities. I have never in any way felt threatened by “corrupt” police.  Overall I feel very safe here and quite a bit safer then when in the States.

Thank you drwilliam :)

Here is to hoping we are all Happy Farangs this year. :)


@Terrymedlicott e celle the reply though it is Thai rak Thai, mai rak Farang.

Never never never "lend" a Thai money. It is considered as a gift and it does not matter if it is immediate family. The more you appear to have, the more you will be squeezed for it.

@Terrymedlicott spot on Terry.


Can you elaborate on the bad experience in Hua Hin?

I was thinking of checking it out here in a few weeks

Thanks for any insight you have to share

Wow so many different opinions!. We live in a thai village. We don't go to the tourist areas at night, (pattaya, hua hin, bangkok etc:). We treat the thais and their culture with respect, and thus get treated with the same. I have found our neighbours very helpful. We don't speak thai, although we are still learning, and don't have a problem shopping etc:. Yes the traffic drives us crazy, but a small price to pay for all the positives, and public transport is so  cheap in this country, why not try it? Good luck all .

@ThaiTim some bit not all like my lady asks for nothing except maybe a new bra & undies & Big C cheap shoes..she makes me save as much as possible & never asks for money for family...some r good


Well said mate, Sick of all the complaints from some Farangs, Most Thai Ladies are good, my Thai Wife at times earns more money than I do,! but no matter what we pay for things together, I get just as much of her as she gets from me, we have just finished building a large new house and we have paid for it together.

Yes, some will rip you off, but that's the same in every country.

There's an old cliche  "If you marry a bloody Hooker what do you expect" The majority of Bar Girls in Thailand are nothing more than Prostitutes, and that's all they know.

I agree with you 100%.

@cliffsao Some r 4 sure I met my wife in a bar within 30mins of getting off plane & booked in2 Hotel & been 2gether 24 yrs..all good mostly but now I'm back in Australia with Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer & looking at 2yrs treatment if it works b4 can come home full time as at present I can get 1 month a year which is frustrating & painful 2 be away so long ..but it is what it is & hopefully treatment gives me another few years of life..all the best 2 you

@Arild  Huitfeldt

I Hope the best for you

Thank you.

Home in September for my 75th birthday all going well ..looking 4ward to 1 month home with Thai lady & my dog