Single Men in Thailand

I noticed quite a few expats have Thai wives and have moved to Thailand.  How is the dating scene for African American women there?  Does many single African American women live there?

Hi Tinabella, im Terry from Northern Ireland , i lived in Thailand for a few years , im not long home. I must say in all my travels throughout Thailand i met no african american girls , there are plenty of african girls but most work in the sex industry, on tourist visas . However i imagine the dating scene would be bouyant . What type of partner are you seeking ? Thai, European ? Any specifics ? Thailand is well known as sex tourist mecca. It attracts a particular type of clientele . Availability off sex is abundant but romance is scarce . Something to think about before you make concrete plans. Any advice you might need on Thailand i will be more than happy to help, i dont have all the answers but il try .
          Regards Terry

Hello Terry,
I most appreciate your honesty surrounding  this topic;)  I do plan to visit Thailand in 2018 and your information will not be forgotten.

Who's up for a beer?

Hi Tina.  I've come across some ladies of black African origin, from USA, Australia, etc. and they were having a really enjoyable visit to Thailand. I met some up in Chiang Mai at the Reggae Bar, just chilling out and having a great time. I've met women from all kinds of backgrounds in my travels throughout Thailand -- All having a nice vacation. I did notice that most women travel in groups or pairs. I was advised to do the same, but I just mixed in having mostly great times and a few nervous times, especially on my first trip to the country. If you stick to the main visiting sites and hangouts, you will be fine. If you go way off the beaten track like me, I don't think it would be a pleasant experience for you . . . for example, riding a rickety train with the locals and my seat collapsing under me and only a squat toilet to balance practice on -- Great for my book but maybe no place for a lady. If you mix it up with the travelers and the locals and stick to the more popular or secret popular haunts, you will have a great time. As you become more accustomed to mixing in, future visits will be rewarding. I met my wife at her restaurant on one of my later visits. She kept serving me her excellent cooking and I fell in love. Getting back to you, travel with the smarts and travel safely. You will be OK. Enjoy.  dcb

PS: If Villagefarang chimes in to this forum, you will gain a ton of insight.   dcb

Thanks David!
I will be traveling solo and your information is quite helpful! I primarily want to experience the Thai culture, ancient ruins, good food, and kind people.
I have always been fascinated with the Asian Culture and would consider moving there. Who knows,  I may meet my future husband there! Lolll  One never knows....
Thanks again

Hello Tina
When do you plan to travel? I am arriving to Phuket on December 12 and it is my first visit

Another quick tip: Hiring local guides is inexpensive, they speak some English, they know their way around, can show you great places that are not in the guidebooks, and they can provide you with quite an education. I'm not talking about getting on a tour bus, (although vans are fun with small groups), but about getting somebody perhaps recommended by the host of wherever you will be staying. Cheers.  dcb

To answer your question correctly i would want to know how long do you plan to holiday for and what are your long term goals. I have been travelling Asia for 11 months (Thailand for 6 mths) Maybe skype would be a better option as it would take quite a while to answer all your possible questions. Visas, cities, planes, trains, buses, food, accomodation. Cant help with bars as i have a partner and don't drink, but that is not the best way to meet someone anyway.