A Gold Digger story in Bangkok Namploy Nudeang

Found this medium post:

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stay safe out there

What's the story? Morning glory?

It's crazy that he even went out with her a second time!


maybe, it was of course a mistake.

@Guy Dolev

No glory at all

it is the link working?


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If you go to the known crime areas, expect the gold diggers. We live in a thai village, and we do not see any of this. If the local criminals think you have money, of course they are going to try and take it from you. That goes on all over the world. Do yourself a favour, do not take a lot of money with you if you go to Walking street, or the like. Do not show wealth, like jewellery or full wallets, and always be on your guard.

You can google the broken link and find the story.

Unfortunately, this happens as much here as anywhere.

A friend told me about these women that are "professional"

at getting married. They take a guy for everything and move

to the next one.

lots of obvious red flags with this one.


correct. I heard many times those ladies talking to each other and when they date a guy they simple say :' I am going to work today'.  They live a kind of fake world, with fakes stories that they tell to everyone and their soul is broke, they have no emotions.

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