Bachelor of Arts in South Africa

Hey there,

IŽm new in this forum. And first of all, thanks that something like that exists. IŽm searching since ages for some people who might could help me.
First of all I currently life in Germany, but I want to get become a full-time student in South Africa, doing my Bachelor of Arts in some sort of combination between African languages/culture and Media/Journalism.
I looked up some Unis and started to "fight" my way through there websides, printed out half of a rainforest.
But still some help would be just awesome :D

What are the best Unis to apply to? currently want to send out application from UCT, Rhodes, in PE and Durban.

Contacting some Unis help is a bit rarely, sometimes.
So everybody whoŽs got any kind of information for me, tips for application, tips for living, is welcomed to write whatever they want :D

Thank you so much =)

Hello Nobuhle!

Welcome to :)
I hope other members will advise you soon ;)



Best Universities in SA are:

1) University of Cape Town
2) University of Pretoria
3) University of Stellenbosch
4) University of the Witwatersrand
5) University of KwaZulu-Natal
6) Rhodes University


Registration usually is between November-January, with Lecutres starting beginning of February.

Best is however to contact the institutions, and confirm.

The best thing you can do is to a) do research on them (which is what you have done), and b) give them a call and have a chat.

You will find on this forum that many people will support the University, which they attended, so you will not find much objective feedback from my experience.

But at least the above should give you an idea of which South African universities are recognised. Now you will need to find out which one offers the degree you wish to study.

Hey, thx ;)

Yes have done that, true. Guess UCT is the best so far. Just a bit complex to get through all the codes and numbers and combination options. But IŽm getting there. Get my skype ready and give them a call soon. ItŽs just that we donŽt have that in Germany. ItŽs much more simple. But I like the fact, that I can combine the majors and subjects I want to. I just get the feeling that every University in SA is different from the subjects and combinations they offer. Fair enough :D

Hi Nobuhle!

I don't know if you have any preferences in terms of where u want to live in SA. But irrespective, UCT comes as the best in Cape town especially for international students coming from the West,it's centrally located in the middle of CT green beauty, but academic fees are high,the 2nd is Stellenbosch university 3rd is UWC - the University of the Western cape very good/ excellent in humanities and social sciences but not centrally located . In Gauteng specifically Johannesburg, WITS comes to my  mind. Rhodes I heard is good as well.  Take yr time to explore and hopefully you'll make the best choice 4 yrself -

Hey Sandrangb,

thx for the information ;)
I send applications to some of these. Pretty much from Cape Town to Durban. Looked up WITS as well, but IŽm not sure if life in JoŽburg is the right thing for me. Pretty sure I get used to it, but life in Cape Town sounds a bit more "free" as if you can say it that way.
True academic fees are pretty high. But I looked up some student accomodation and the costs are tremendously high. ThatŽs pretty much same prices for living in Hamburg and Munich - the most expensiv parts in Germany. Not to live on campus must be a bit cheaper, at least what I read in this forum.


Hi Nobuhle

I was wondering with the uni's in SA u applied for with ART were all the universities offering the BA course or was it only specific universities such as UNISA or Pretoria??

Hey Krzysztof,

as far as I looked it up almost every uni offered the Bachelor of Arts. My top two are Cape Town and Durban, but thatŽs just my personal top list.
Not going for UNISA and Pretoria. Oh well and not Stellenbrosch, because I donŽt speak Afrikaans which is the second language they teach in.

Greetz x