Top South African Universities


Can any tell me which are the best South African Universities and what time of year does Recruitment happen on campus for the students?!!

Thanks in Advance :)


i am coming in as a tranfer student from houdegbe north american university benin

Hi rkjay216, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

In which university of South Africa will you study?


Depending which study you look at, the top Universities in South Africa are:

1) University of Cape Town
2) University of Pretoria
3) University of Stellenbosch
4) University of the Witwatersrand
5) University of KwaZulu-Natal
6) Rhodes University


Registration usually is between November-January, with Lecutres starting beginning of February.

Best is however to contact the institutions, and confirm.

I was accepted to University of Cape Town as an undergrad, and, once I got the hang of the [very different] procedures, was pretty impressed with the process.  Ultimately, I was accepted into a baby-Ivy here in the States, and so opted to do my undergrad here.  However, come next Spring, I will be applying to the Grad program at UCT. 

I looked into a number of universities, and after deciding I definitely wanted to live in the Cape Town area, UCT was really the best option.  I should also mention I am a politics major here in the U.S.

What do you want to study? For medicine I suggest Medunsa or Wits. Politics UCT and for business and accounting UJ.