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My daughter's student's pass application got rejected recently as she was starting her MBA courses in the same university she completed her undergraduate degree. She turned 21 this year which made her lose DP status. Initially, she got student's pass for 4 months to complete bridging courses for MBA. Now that she needed to reapply for student's pass to move up to MBA, ICA rejected it without giving reason. We have submitted a letter of appeal via the university but are afraid of the outcome.

Q1: Does anyone know how appeals work in ICA? If it is rejected again, is there a chance to re-appeal and can it be done in ICA office? I do not know if the school is doing everything to help the students in this matter. :(

Q2: Also, I am concerned that her current STVP will expire before ICA provides the decision for the appeal. I have no idea about STVP extensions since my daughter has been studying here since high school and we've never experienced this before. Do we get only 30 days?

Q3: Does it make sense to hire a professional immigration consultant for this kind of case?  I googled such and found only PR related consultants.

I hope someone can give me some advice or words of encouragement.  Thank you.

Q1: On this forum, we mostly encounter work pass applicants and can advise well on dealings with MoM - less so with ICA. In general, you can of course appeal against a rejection, but if the underlying case doesn't change, the result will also remain the same. So I would try to find out, from ICA or MoE, what the actual rejection reasons are.
Q2: Again, our experience here (with MoM) might not apply for ICA-issued STVPs. Call them and ask if and how it can be extended!
Q3: Singapore authorities do generally not like dealing with consultants. In addition, the formalities are easy enough to be done by yourself. So don't waste your money on one!
It would also be nice if you come back and post our findings and results here, so we ca advice the next poster better. Good luck!

Thank you so much for this response. I will let you know what happens in order to help other queries you may encounter.

I was able to successfully get our STP Approval Appeal. Several things we did to make this happen including writing a very solid letter of appeal trying to cover all possible points of why the application was rejected in the first place. Another is seeking help from MOE for consideration.

I am not sure if the success can be attributed to the combination of efforts but am just so happy that it worked.

Prior to this, the other issue we dealt with was the expiration of STP before the appeal decision was received. We overcame this by simply walking in ICA and asking for support carrying only a letter from the school certifying that we have an appeal in progress. :)

Congratulations, you seem to have done everything right!

Hi can i check i the student pass appeal result is sent to you or the school?

Ideally it should be via the school. But in this case, the ICA response was sent to me - the mom. I think it was because I also sent a request for help to the MOE's office and they referred my letter to ICA.

Hi, are you able to share the direct contact probably an email or contact number you liaised with MOE to ask for their assitance? Appreciate it so much! thank you

How long did the appeal process take? Is there a way to track the application?

@JenAb Hi morning,

We are planing to appeal our son STP rejection. Would like to clarify that do we need all docs same as student pass application.?  Or just type a reason for appeal .? 

Please advice 🙏Thanks .
@JenAb Hi morning,

We are planing to appeal our son STP rejection. Would like to clarify that do we need all docs same as student pass application.?  Or just type a reason for appeal .? 

Please advice 🙏Thanks .
- @sakthivel1605
  Do we need to attach all docs same as student pass application submission.?
Sakhtivel: No need to submit the same documents twice - they are stored in the system and easily available to any processing officer. What you need to do is address (i.e. remove) the rejection reason. If you don't know it yet, you must find it out first!
Hi beppi, 
Thanks for reply. We appealed ICA for STP rejection.Hopefully will get positive result. Thanks 
Sakthivel: For the benefit of future readers in a similar situation, could you please describe what the rejection reason was in your case and what you did against it?
Hi beppi, 
ICA didn't given reason of rejection but we wrote appeal letter with solid reason why need to keep here our kid in STP.?. 

Reason for keep kid here may vary case by case. Not exactly know how ICA valid this for approve.?

Thank you.
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