Want to have a job and live permanently in Reunion island.

I am Deepak Buldawa born in Mauritius age of 48 years  I am an Experienced Security Officer, as well as a professional Driver Technician in Telecommunications and high speed .

I wish to move forward for new prospect as in Mauritius jobs are not easy to have.

As I have a lot experience I wish to go to Reunion island to work and to live overthere for good.

Why not find companies online and send them your CV for possible employment.

Hi I am David. Ruben & I want to have job in accounting , Supply Chain, Teaching for primary ( Tamil , English) I have great interest for this island.


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I am a lawyer and qualified Human Resources manager specifically in retail sector(Checkers).  Going trough divorce.  I use travel annually to the island for surfing about 10 years ago and fell in love with island, people and ocean.  I am 48 years old and wish to start a new life on the island.  I am Master expert in Bonsai trees, gardening and landscaping also.  Also expert in marine and tropical fish tanks.

need find an person who can help me buy some product in local reunion, only part time is enough. example help buy 2pcs box then i will give $100 commission to you.
if you are serious plz contact information to me.

What kind of jobs are there in Reunion island I wish to come over and work there am into construction.

Perhaps try a Google search.