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I have recently moved with my wife to Reunion, her home country, and I am looking for a job as a TEFL tutor. I have just completed a TEFL qualification and I am looking to teach at schools, businesses and do 1-2-1 lessons. We are currently based in Entre-Deux so ideally a job on the South or West of the island would be preferable. My actual background is in hotels and hospitality, however I do not speak French fluently enough yet to be able to get a job in that sector! Any suggestions or advice would be gratefully received!

Welcome to Expat.com Richard!

Have you tried to post an advert in the section Jobs in Reunion Island? It may help.;)


Hi Richard,
just read your post. We are thinking of moving to the Island too.
How has it been so far for you? It looks like an amazing place!
It is difficult to find any info on different parts of the Island as to where would be a good area to buy a house, schools, shopping etc.
The west and south of the Island look very attractive to me but I suppose we will have to get over there at some point to have a look around when finances permit.
Best wishes and I hope all goes well for you!

Hi Julian,
It is an amazing place to live and I am fortunate that things are going really well. Do you or your wife speak French at all? I am still learning and improving on a weekly basis but without my wife I would have really struggled! There is so much paperwork and documents that need to be done to get things set up and without someone being able to translate or speak to people you may find it hard.
I prefer the South and the West of the island as it is where I have spent most of my time in those areas. I don't really know the North, St-Denis, however I do know people that live there and they say that they prefer it to the South! Horses for Courses, I guess. I would recommend visiting Reunion first before you decide to move across.
I have got a few jobs teaching English at a school and at a training centre, I also teach private lessons, however jobs can be hard to get/find. My wife speaks French, English and Creole fluently and has experience working in hotels, restaurants and opticians, yet when she applies for jobs, she either hears nothing back from them or a "no thanks"! They really prefer qualifications over experience here! She is currently working in a busy restaurant but is trying to find another job which has more sociable hours.
Hope that helps!

Hi Richard,
great to hear from you! I am glad things are working out! My wife and I don't speak a lot of french but my son and dad are both fluent speakers so we can get round most obstacles. I am learning and I love the language so its not a chore.

There are presently good incentives to relocate a business to the Island and my business would be ideal for Reunion as it is in the marine industry, we strip off anti foul paint from the hulls of marine vessels and are in the surface restoration business in general, mobilemasterblaster.com will give you an idea of our business. You never know I might even have a job for your wife if we make it over there, lol! Saying that the whole marine sector might be sewn up and hard to make an indent! So I would hopefully like to take my business to the Island in one big container along with all our possessions as I hear its pretty exxy on the Island.
We will however visit before making any final decision. What you say about the work situation is a bit sad and narrow minded, begs the question what are the locals like? Is it a friendly place? For me friendly and welcoming is preferable to nice scenery and standoffish, if you can get both then I guess your in paradise! I do hope your wife finds a good job soon and doing something that doesn't sacrifice time together, very important!

I will be looking out for your progress and keep in touch
Kind regards and best wishes

Hi Julian

Just chipping in here with comments about the work situation: "qualifications over experience" is a typically French attitude and not specific to Reunion.
Also bear in mind that Reunion has the highest unemployment of any European region; there's more supply than demand so employers can afford to be choosy and not bother replying to job applications.


Hello everyone,

first of all i'd like to say that I'm a big fan of you, champacs.
I wouldn't have said it better!!

Then I'd like to add that it's very important to have qualifications when you apply for a job but when you have experience things are done  in a smoother way. However, I think it's quite right to rely on their qualifications when you don't know someone. I have a lot more to say on that subject but this is  :offtopic:

And julian, did you get my answer?
we are very friendly here but we do not appreciate people who are not! we appreciate strangers or french people from france (zoreils) as long as they respect our culture, way of life, rules and laws ... I think it's the same everywhere else, isn't it? :cool:
warm wishes :)

Hi Catherine,
Thanks for taking the time to comment. I didn't realise that things were so bad on the Island and what you say makes sense. I hope that in time the situation there will improve.
Still from what I have learned so far about Reunion people, culture and landscape it looks like a wonderful spot on the planet in every sense! 
Best wishes