Looking for any kind of work

I come from kenya and recently moved here to join my wife.i am looking for any kind of job(manual),as i dont speak french yet.cleaning,gardening,construction sites etc. Does anybody have an idea?
I live in st.clotilde,and man..life is not too kind without an income.
I will appreciate your ideas and advises.

Hi john974,

I invite you browse through the Jobs in the Reunion Island section and drop your resume in the work sector that you feel more comfortable doing please as it might help :)

Best of luck with everything !

Thank you


hey john
how are things working out for you?


Hi Christ,
Let me just say,so far am good.
I am trying as much as i can to cope and learning french is not as easy as i thought,but am determined to pursue it through.no job yet so far.
Am also looking also any place i can volunteer and work for free for the time being around st.denis.if any one out there has a suggestion,lemmi know.
Hope you are ok too?
Wish you all the best and thanks for your concern.

Hi John,
I also come from Kenya and will be soon settling in Reunion.
Perhaps you can share your experiences with me.

Hi Akwaro,
When are you comming over and which town are you going to settle in?
Am happy to note that another country folk is comming over..now we will be three together with another lady who is already here,though we are yet to meet..
Feel free to inbox me with any querries or e-mail me..
You are most welcome in the island as you will find people here are very friendly..

hi all,

i'd rather you share yoiur experiences here!!! :D i mean ... in the french version they do like this!!

@ john I don't know any associations in saint denis...keep it on with learning french!!! Mind you don't mix creole!!! :D

@ akwaro welcome to this forum!!! Have you got any idea of the place you would like to settle?
are you coming over alone?


Yes I am coming alone
I will settle in St.Pierre

@John 974,
I will come in March or February 2015
Currently I am learning French and I hope to speak and communicate well as time goes by...
Is my international driving licence recognised in Reunion?

Hi guys am from Kenya too ,
Been living here since July ,i like it here ,people are so friendly.
Am happy we Will be 3 kenyans here.lol

Good to note there is another kenyan on the island..uko wapi??
We will be 4 cause there is another one on the south of the island..
Think we should keep in touch..inbox me any tym.


hi chaton,
welcome to thsi forum!!
we need help to get this forum alive!!
i was wondering ... do your sons speak french? where do they go to school? how are things going for them?

i mean ... is it difficult for them to switch from one language to another?


please my friend i want to come over there but do you know how i can get a job over there?

Hello john974,

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