Looking for a job

want to visit there i think better looking there a job n stay 1 year there hope get a job there waiting for ur comments

id like to work on reunion ... do i have some chance to find smth? EU citizen ...

Hi, it depends of your skills and experience?

Hi Julien,

I am also looking at Reunion (as an alternative to Mauritius). I am a senior java/j2ee developer - do they have any IT job market over there? Couldn't find anything using google, or didn't know how to find it.

Would really appreciate any tips.

Hello, I'm a girl from Norway, and I really want a job on this island. I'm 18 years old(my birthday is may 10.). This is my last year in high school. Is there any opportunity for me to get a job here?? Only for a year or something, because I'm going to college after that. I have worked at a gas station(every wednesday for a year), a grocery store(since august and still working there), cleaning(summerjob) and kindergarten (a week).

Hi Camilla,

There are some opportunities to find a job as an English teacher or as an assistant in a kindergarden.
Have a look at this link :


The hotel industry is also something to look out.
I suggest you to learn some french before coming here, it'll help a lot.

Med vennlig hilsen ; )


we are two Spanish physiotherapists interested in going to  Reunion Island to work, you could inform into some place where to look for to us? we would also be been thankful of being able to speak with someone that can tell us his experience of life, that speaks to us of the cities, meteorology, a little information generally. Very many thanks

Elena and Tania

Hi girls,

I can give you some tips about reunion Island, I've been living here for more than a year.
To work here I'm sorry to tell you that you'll have to speak french, as few people can understand english, and spanish is even less... However I think anyone can find a job here, you just have to be motivated and understand the cultur.
It's a great place if you like any kind of sports, from surfing, diving, hiking... you can do it all here.
The west part of the island frome St Paul to St Leu, is where most of the people  would like to live. It's the most popular area with most of the bars, clubs, hotel resorts, white beaches, lagoons...
It's a tropical island, so it's summer time everyday, however the " winter periode" if I can call it a winter is very windy, a bit fersh (about 20°), but dry.
The hurrican periode is from december to february, and it's during that time that it rains the most.
You do not need to apply for any visa here if you are a UE citizen, but double check it with the french ambassy in your country.
In other hand this place is a kick ass place to live in.
I suggest you to save enough money for you to be able to live here for 3 months, ypu can rent a little house for 2 for about 650 eur.
Check on this web site                               www.leboncoin.com
Select reunion island, you'll find anthing there, helpfull to find a place to rent.

Hope this will help you out !

Keep me posted


James thank you very much!!!!!
I know i'll have to speak french, now we are working in france, but thank you for this information! hehehe.

Where were you living? what region do you prefer? People have said me that it's better going to Saint Dennis, what do you think?it's hard to find a car?

Good night and thank you other time!


Don't go there, it's a pain in the ass to drive a car, no beaches, it's good if you like to do a lot of shopping.
I suggest you to live somewhere else (St Leu is great) and to go to St Denis when you'll have to.
St Leu is a cool young city a bit hippie, you'll like it, easy to meet people there.


tHANKS!!!!!!! We aren't going there to do shopping, so i think you are in the well way...we love doing sport, so we need a place where we can do it...we love doing trekking, so we need mountains...

Thank you very much for your attention Fedson!!


You're welcome

Keep me posted when you'll be here

yeah now  m in dubai going back to home next month would like to visit re union

i am an indian. i am a fresh MBA graduate, i am looking for job. is it possible to get a job?

Julien wrote:

Hi, it depends of your skills and experience?

Hello Tania,
I agree with James St. Leu is a much better choice then St. Denis and if you are into water activities the beaches is quite nice in St. Leu. When are you planing to move to Reunion?


Am Tina from Mauritius. A procurement officer for more than 8 years. Do have a BCOM in Supply chain Management. Wanted to know if there are any opportunity available in Reunion Island.

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Please create your CV in the Jobs in Reunion Island section. This is an old thread.



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