Catering manager 13 years experience looking for an exciting new job!

I discovered my passion for catering 13 years ago in UK, then studied catering business management in Paris and lived in London ever since.
I made my way up from commis, chef the rang, head waitress, floor manager, operations manager and catering manager and have experience working in hotels, restaurants, banquets and contract catering (including cafés, food hall and shop).
I have to leave this country now as the primary reason I chose catering was the opportunity to discover the world. It's time now to move on and fulfil my dreams. My ideal jobs would be training manager, F&B manager or deputy GM within a restaurant, a hotel chain or a banquets department.
You will find me well presented, mannered and well spoken, the kind of person you can trust. Please let me know should you have any opportunity that would match my skills.

Hello lifesample.

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You should post an advert in the jobs in Reunion Island section. This can help you to move in your research.

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