Working Visa requirement

Good day all

I found permanent employment on the island effective as of 01 October, so my wife and I will be moving from South Africa to Reunion Island asap, but...

my prospective employer seems to be struggling with the following visa requirement:

"...Work permit obtained by your employer from the French administration..."

Has anyone else had a similar experience or have some guidance please. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Is your employer based in Reunion, South Africa, or elsewhere?

I would have thought the work permit is straightforward enough for the employer to obtain if they're based in Reunion (or even mainland France) in that they need to provide French authorities with your contract.

Do be very wary of upping sticks and moving to Reunion if you don't have iron-clad confirmation, I know of someone whose employer cancelled their contract just 48 hours before they were due to move countries to settle in Reunion. They had sold their house and everything to make the move.

Thank you for your response Champacs

My employer is based on the island yes. Thank you also for your guidance about the confirmation required. I do have a long standing prior relationship, and the idea is to further grow it by way of full-time employment on the island... but thank you nonetheless.

The hold up is in around clarity about what exactly the formal documentation from the French Authorities are for working visas...

Any chance you may know what / where / who (or website) to be in contact with in this regard. Comment would be appreciated.

@Nikki Jinka The work permit is the main document that will allow you to travel, stay and work on the island.

If your employer strugle  to obtain this permit, don't loose your time or money. He is not supposed to ask you to pay, if he does , don't pay : it might be a scam.

@organza Thank you as well for your comments. I just replied to another comment from Champsacs. I'd like to believe its not a scam. We (my new employer and I) have a long standing relationship already, I've visited to their office on the island (St. Paul) multiple times already, but previously only on short-stay visiting visas. The idea is to formalize a permanent appointment on the island now...

...but I appreciate your guidance nonetheless 🙏

You or your employer should check out … oits/F2728 and/or they should also phone the Direction du Travail,8384, but this is really stuff that your employer should be doing, not you.

@Nikki Jinka Ok I just wanted to explain that there are a lot of scammers.

He might already know this gouvernemental website to determine which permit and process that applies … 82?lang=en . There is also a phone number to get help ans further information and he can get information at the prefecture. He probably strugles because you will not have a employee status but a partner /entrepreneur status  … Good luck !