Hi is possible to check EP appeal status via online.

https://eponline.mom.gov.sg/epol/PEPOLE … tAction.do

In MOM portal. Because HR told me that they have appealed already. But the status still showing as rejected.

Appeal status isn't visible to you as an employee. Only the submitter (employer, agency) can check. There are other posts as well, which touch upon this as asked by others.

Hi Sadhan30,

I am in same situation as my EP got rejected due to high salary and Appeal applied by my new employer. It's a 3rd week there is no update and the appeal status is till pending.

Appeal applied - 3 May 2021

What is your appeal status now?

Same boat appeal applied today

Hi any update anyone got approval recently

one of my friend's appeal got rejected, because of high salary (he appeal 2 times, both got rejected. No idea whats happening.
Looks this is a very tough time.

While there are a few rejections, there are approvals too- as updated by forum members who were seeking advice and clarity.

Just FYI- new EP application recently approved (check other threads on the forum), in just 10 days

EP approved for another forum member in 6 weeks.

Just ensure your cover letter does justice during the appeal submission to outline why a salary bump, the better the explanation to clarify to MoM, the higher the chances it will be approved. Often the individuals submitting the application don't outline why a higher salary is offered to the candidate (you), under the assumption that 500-1000 isn't too high an amount. Outline it, trust me it helps even though you may just be on the threshold of the salary level (per SAT tool).

Hi All,

Anyone recenlty got EP appeal approval ?

My employer has applied appeal on 27th  May but still status is pending .

My final appeal was lodged on 10 June and the status is still pending as well.

My application was first submitted on 16 April.

Pskandelwal: Several threads on recent EP approvals and appeals, with average time lines. Please read through the posts.

My EP applied on Apr 16th, and got approved on June 7th , It has been taken 53+ days to approve without any issue from Candidate side. Do need to followup to consultancy on daily basis.



My initial EP is applied on 23 April then rejected( due to high jump in salary)
And then appeal filled till date there is no reply
In total it's been exact 2 months , and I am still waiting
Can anybody suggest or predict what can be the reason and outcome ?
And should I start looking another job ?
Please reply


My case also the EP rejected due to high salary. The 2nd appeal also rejected. The whole process took 2 months and the company withdrew the application.

Unless a valid justification is extended to justify significant salary bumps, it?s unheard of that EPs get approved. It?s a basic requirement.

Based on my HR team, salary increase (when hunted by a new company) in SG is around 10 to 30% of your current Salary. (The last people I recruited got offered around 15/20%)
Then I believe anything above 30% might be considered as uncommon and therefore needs further explanation from the company which is recruiting you.

There is no thumb rule like above 30% will draw an attention to MoM. Recently I know in one case a 16% salary hike was rejected by MoM. So, it depends upon the industry and position you are applying for.

Yes totally true it depends the industry. As a reference mine is FMCG.


I have my EP renewal got rejected.
My employer made an EP appeal last May 31.

When I check last week at EP online and search for FIN with initial EP renewal date (before it got rejected), it says it is Approved.

But my EP expiration date didn't change.

Anyone else experience the same scenario?

was my renewal already approved?

Your EP remains approved until the expiry date. If the renewal is approved, the expiry date will change.

Thanks Bp, does it mean that the appeal is still not yet approved?

Because the status changed from rejected to approved.

I used the FIN and application as inputs.

But the expiration date still didn't change.

Anyone got ep appeal approval recently?If so how long took for processing the appeal ?

My appeal was submitted on 16th June and still pending.3 weeks will be completed by tomorrow .

Can employer create expedite process after 3 weeks. Will it be helpful?

Kindly share your details .It will helpful.

Rosemaryasp2: If I were in your place, I would have reviewed recent posts on this forum to get answers. Do you mind doing so? All your questions, average approval time, who got it approved etc, it's all here- all you need to do is invest some time in reading the recent posts. It will also help you understand or know things that you possibly haven't concluded yet.

Good luck with the answers and also the approval.

Anyone applied fresh EPass from INDIA and still waiting for the approval

In my case, my agent applied for EPass and got rejected. MoM asked for company CPF documents...

After that my agent along with my employer appealed on MAY - 06 - 2021.. Still waiting for the result as I was entering 8th week..

I am posting this query second time because I didn't included that I am applying from India and fresh Epass...

Indrajith: Given the current restrictions, from ICA (it's public info), the new and renewals are both hit for Indians (not in Singapore currently). Things should get better, post easing of measures.

Hello there,

Whether the "rejected" status (eponline) change If  the appealed EPass got approved ...

Yes, it shows ‘approved' once the appeal is successfully reviewed and approved.

Can someone advise me what will happen if my 2nd appeal got rejected? What should I do? 😥😥

My employer submitted 1st appeal on 16th August. I know it will take at least 3 weeks to review and know the status. But my pass will expire on 11th Sept.  My employer said the rejection was due to company info not being updated in the system. So, after updating, appeal as per their instruction. I am afraid that if both 1st and 2nd appeals got rejected. Should I start looking for a new job?

Yea, you need to look at a different job. Two appeals are utmost that are permitted.

Thanks for your advice.

Yes, it happened to be the same. My appeal got approved 2 days ago. My boss called MOM and checked why my appeal is still pending. MOM said that they didn't see anything missing info or issue, just that it is pending to be reviewed, said that they will send my appeal to be expedited. The next day, my appeal got approved. You can follow up with them again after 3 working days if you not receiving any updated status till that time.

Katongv wrote:


Just wondering if anyone in the same situation as me?

EP applied: 25-Jul
EP rejected: 06-Aug
1st appeal: 20-Aug
Industry: finance

HR called MOM earlier this week as this comes 4th week since the appeal was submitted but no response from them as of yet

Hi Katonggv,
I am also in same situation.

EP applied 16 Aug
EP rejected 26 Aug
1st appeal 26 Aug
Today 3 weeks completed.
Waiting for outcome of 1st appeal.

I'm also in the same situation

Applied 02 Aug
Rejected 11 Aug due to ads was mismatch.

Employer posted new ads.
Appeal on 01 Sept
Nearly 3 weeks but another candidate applied the same date, same job got approved on 10 Sept (also rejected last time on 11 Aug)

Agent call MOM and receiving it is still pending.

Folks, Any successful appeals this month? One of my friends is waiting after the appeal on EP rejection (DP LoC to EP) this is the 3rd week since appeal date.
Exact reason for rejection is unknown but as per Employer they have submitted a letter and additional annexures in response with the appeal and subsequently MOM asked for Education verification and Bank statements. Its been 10 days since submission of these documents. Still the status shows ‘Rejected'. Any thoughts from anyone in similar situation.  Sector - IT/Fintech.

I got approval on EP renewal this early month in current company, but i got another new job offers , applied EP as well but got rejected, currently in appeal process...

anyone know the reasons why?  same EPass, increment 10% in salary, same educational certs and level.

my appeal applied on Aug 3rd. Rejected on September 3rd. The reason was “ the salary does not commensurate with the candidate's credentials.”

There are several posts where new applications and even appeals have come through, so search for the posts

Katongv wrote:

Finally my application was approved today

Applied: 26-Jul-21
Rejected: 06-Aug-21
Appeal: 20-Aug-21
Approved: 21-Oct-21
Industry: Finance (>10 years)

HR called MOM multiple times after 3 weeks of appeal but it took 9 weeks to get approval - that may be the case for loads of applications.

It's been a stressful 9 week - best of luck everyone and hope a good news will come soon.


What was the reason for first rejection

Hi Wincents,
Any outcome for the request. I am also in same situation.

Hi All.

Just wanna share my experience. I am holding S Pass, however due to Covid, company decided to lay me off, so I was looking for new employment.

First company
- Apply for work permit (WP) in July, although I am not eligible for WP as I am Indonesian, the employer still want to give a try. It was rejected 3 days after. The reason of course is the nationality.

Second company
- Apply EP for me on 30 Aug, rejected 2 weeks after due to salary hike (it's double from my average salary)

Third company
- Apply S Pass on 17 Sept, rejected on 04 Oct, the reason is because no Job ID code is provided. The employer appeal on the same day and finally received the approval on 21 Oct. Pending medical check up result, hopefully all good!

Besides, when my previous company cancel my S Pass in Sept, I received email from MOM that I can apply for STVP up to 89 days to look for a new employment.

Sad thing that my PR application is straigtaway rejected when my S Pass is cancelled.

Best of luck for us all! Thanks for this forum, we are abld to share our experience! Take care!

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