Paying Cash for a Car

The more expensive the vehicle, the more you will pay for annual road taxes.  And for your vehicle inspections fees.

I just purchased direct from Toyota and they accept payment in a USA account for a car delivered here in CR.

That's  true but who wants to drive a  used car thats been on these roads for several years. 😜

I been coming to CR since 2005 now living  here for 8 and it's in my opinion gotten worse  for investors and for muti owned property new taxes. Police intrusion is getting more common .enough is enough  for me.i just got back from Nicaragua and have purchased some property near Rivas.

LiveLifeWell2020 wrote:

I just purchased direct from Toyota and they accept payment in a USA account for a car delivered here in CR.

Do you mean you have paid directly from your US (not Costa Rican) account? Was it a wire transfer to the dealer? Details are important, as I'll be buying a car there and would like to wire funds from my Canadian account.

          I agree any car here gets really abused, buying new is the way to go plus most dealers give you life time oil changes my dealer even tinted the windows for free

Why wire money use a credit card get the reward points and pay your credit card with a typical online payment
Here these banks have ridiculous transfer fees and commissions that get tacked on to your overall car price
Plus if the deal dicks you around you have the protection of stopping payment

My title and plates took 3 months to get here, I was worried the dealership was scamming but as I was made aware it's another slow mo tico way

Nothing gets done fast here

I find it comical that the banks even charge a plastic fee of like $2 bucks for a ATM card.

If I had more hair I would be pulling on it

Lol i did a transfer to the dealers bank. Still have the hilux. Taxes are ridicules and the bureaucracy,well you know.

@samramon I also have yet to find a trustworthy mechanic, would you mind telling me who you use?

@shay40793  what area are you located

we have two legit mechanics in Tibas area of San Jose

@shay40793 I know a solid garage in Uvita. My local mechanics in Puerto Jimenez are either idiots or crooks, or rather both. Their favorite tool is sledgehummer

Be very careful buying any used car from a dealer. The problems are that (1)Costa Rica is wide open to importing vehicles that have been declared total losses by U.S. insurance companies and (2)there are plenty of Costa Rican car restorers who are adept at covering up damage. If you have a hankering for a car that survived Hurricane Katrina in 2005,  we've got 'em.

Until about ten years ago, it was legal here to mate the "good" front end of one vehicle that had been hit from behind to the "good" rear end of a like vehicle (heaven only knows just how), paint them up, and sell on a dealer's lot. It's also common practice to roll back odometers on dealers' lots, so that "low mileage" car you're admiring may have twice or three times the mileage shown.