Is 11,000 ringgit good salary including tax for 10 year PM..malaysia

Is 11,000 ringgit a good salary for a 10 year experience as a project manager in malaysia. Also after straight deduction of tax net is around 8,500 i suppose is it enough to live a life in malaysia including house rent.

Hi Fk0102,

I invite you to go through this thread : Cost of Living in Malaysia in 2021, it can be really useful.

I also advise you to go on numbeo here : for further information.

You are moving to which region of Malaysia exactly?


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Thanks Priscilla. My employer is in cyberjaya.
So it would be mostly around there. Though i see mixed reviews of malaysia cost of living some say it is expensive and some say about tax rate. I still have a month or so since my employement pass is in process.
Before moving there i wanted to have a fair idea how it would be and idea of expenses.
Would b great if you can help me a bit here. Thanks again.

In Cyberjaya,Serin Residency would be the best to live with family.

3BHK cost around 1400RM..(2+1 advance plus utility advance)...


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Though I don't know your situation, but as someone who has lived abroad I would say that opportunities to move to a new country don't come along every day and they are quite rare these days. You will grow incredibly as a person after experiencing a new culture and a new environment to live in. It may not be the only factor, but do take it into account. While you are in Malaysia, new opportunities may pop up, such as a promotion within your company or outside. Good luck.

Yeah thats true... It is just i had few question regarding costs and all so . But apparently i would b definitely moving there. Thanks

Can anyone tell me my employer submitted ep on 23 march how much time will it take to get it completed?

My approval came in about three weeks time (almost 15 working days).

Yes, it is enough to live if you are alone or in a couple. As far of the salary vs. experience, it is a little bit low but still fair. GlassDoor Malaysia has a 12,000 RM average salary for Senior PM positions.

11,000, even for two is fine FOR NOW. But inflation is high and i wouldnt take any job that didnt include annual increases. Inflation has eaten me to pieces.

This old question....

In the end it depends on your situation.

1. Unemployed and no other job offers? Single? Offer from a top company that will boost your CV? HELL YES!

2. Earning 5,000 USD in current job, have 4 schoolage children, offer is from some crappy employer (eg Airasia). HELL NO!

Relative to other Malaysians? Well nearly 20 years ago I did some recruitment in Malaysia and consulting in Banks and I know real salaries. First thing to know is in Malaysia for locals,  only "losers in life " (not my pov just a very Malaysian one) rely on a salary over 30. The real money is from business and "side business ". So salary comparisons are hard as official figures are way too low, especially country wide averages that include Malaysians in Borneo living in the jungle.

In Selangor, that is a below average middle class salary, and as a foreigner you don't earn the "side income" opportunities. Don't ask what they are.... you can easily work out why a bank supervisor in a credit deparyment I knew on 12k had 4 large houses, 3 mercs and overseas luxury holidays. Its just the way it is in Malaysia.

Real salaries I know for sure...
Cleaner no education 3,500 RM
Mamak owner one restaurant 10,000-25,000 RM
Bank Supervisor 10 years experience 12,000 RM
Accountant 10 years experience 5,000-6,000 RM (accountants are paid chicken feed in Malaysia)
HR manager 5,000-10,000 RM
School teacher 3,000-7,000 RM
Internationa School Teacher (expat) 12,000-30,000 RM (10 years experience at good schools 20,000 plus)
IT project manager 5,000 - 30,000 RM (really depends but the low end I know ended up with a new hire every 3 months as they always quit for better money)
Oil and gas engineer expat 30,000 RM upwards
Heart Surgeon 180,000 RM per month (not a typo lol) but official government surgeon salary is 90% less. That is Malaysia.

Costs for expats are the highest in education. Add 4,000 RM per month per child, any decent employer will offer free school places. Schooling at the decent schols are as high as 100,000 RM per year in the 6th form. That's not a typo. Yes it is high.

That is why it depends so much on you.

For example, for me I wouldn't accept less than 25,000 RM plus fee school places, international standard health care and annual free flights home for Malaysia. I am a teacher, and I know I could get that in top employers. Have you done your research for your area of expertise? Is this a good salary in USD vs current? Do you party a lot?

So, is this salary fine for a couple for comfortable living with an infant??