Latest position of ICA on LTVP and PR

I've re-read past posts on PR holders having difficulties in bringing their spouses into SG.  I found a useful post by someone who has not posted for a long time now and may have left the forum. But he said (in 2019):

To get LTVP approval there was a pre-marriage assessment level which i believe you never took in consideration and skipped,  pre-marriage assessment give you better idea about future of your spouse in Singapore, now you are facing consequences for not taking it in your consideration.

For LTVP approval, following are key factors (Not all) which ICA takes in for approval or refusal of LTVP application.
1.  Sponsor's (you) salary / income which must meet the requirements which are
     monthly withdrawn salary SGD5500/=, which is an clear sign that you can
     support your husband until he find Job in Singapore or Start his business
     whichever the case may be.
2. Education of Sponsor and Spouse, which directly reflect that how long stated
    couple will last in marriage, as social status and educational background play a
    essential part in any relationship.
3.  Age differences.
4. Total period of time of relationship prior to marriage.
5.  Having child out of this marriage. (Since 2017) or at least tried for baby.

My specific questions are:
1. Do the above 'factors' still stand?
2. My wife is a Singapore cit. Does the same ICA criteria apply as for a PR in assessing my eligibility for LTVP (and later, PR)?
3. We did not do a pre-marriage assessment; does that matter?   We married in Australia in 2016 as my wife has worked there since 2011.  She is a health services company CEO in Australia and intends to return to Singapore permanently end of this year - and of course I want to follow her. She has a house (HDB).
4. I am a self-employed consultant in Australia with long term contracts with clients that I can continue to support from Singapore. I will redirect my client payments to a Singapore bank account. Do I need an EP or other approval to continue my work in Singapore?

Appreciate any guidance as to the current ICA  / MOM position that is relevant to our situation.


I revisited my previous posts on PR and working in SG and I found advice from Beppi that covers my Q4 above. 
Better talk to ACRA, which is the government office in charge of private enterprises. MoM only deals with employees and employers.

But I'm still interested to know of any changes in the stance of ICA since the COVID factor came into play.  I'm especially interested in LTVP;  that is, is it still pretty much automatic as I'm married to a citizen?   That will get me into the country and I will then do as Beppi suggested and wait 2 - 3 years before applying for PR. And during that time ensure that I can demonstrate that I'm 'rooted' in Singapore.

1. These factors are still valid- only the salary threshold has been increased to S$6000/month.
2. For spouses of citizens, the "hard" facts are handled slightly more leniently, but the "soft" facts play a greater role: Produce a male (SG citizen) offspring (a.k.a. cannon fodder) and you're virtually assured the red carpet treatment!
3. The PMA just gives you more security BEFORE marrying, it does not bring advantages AFTER.
4. I already answered that, as you correctly found.
As for the COVID impact: Difficult to tell, as the situation changes weekly, but it will certainly be easier after the pandemic recedes. Can you wait?

I don't think that minimum salary of S$5,500 or S$6,000 is a must have to obtain an LTVP, I think it is more towards whether you and your sponsor able to support the family. I mean by having a house in Singapore will help a lot.

As for my experience, my sponsor is just a Singapore PR. When we apply my LTVP, her salary was not above the "threshold" but we do own a property in Singapore.

The S$6000/month are the threshold for DP (and strictly enforced there).
There is no hard threshold for LTVP, meaning they are more flexible. But the idea is still that there must be sufficient financial means for all living expenses - and that is around S$6000/month in the eyes of the authorities, even if (forLTVP) some of it can be covered by other income than salary for work.

Thanks v much Beppi.  To your question and some other points:

Yes, we can delay until May 2022 when my wife's Australian contract finishes. So that allows more time for COVID to settle down (hopefully).  We will be vaccinated in Australia soon in any case.

Is it possible to apply for LTVP before we return to SG or (even if permissible) is it best to apply once we are landed in SG to give us best chance?

The LTVP application form requires my sponsor (wife) to supply last 6 months income proof from a SG authority or accountant. Do you know if overseas income proof is admissible?  Otherwise we cant apply until 6 months after she commences work back in SG. In which case up to 12 months for approval after our return (See next point).

The LTVP application form says that because our marriage wasn't pre-approved the issue of LTVP could take 6 months. So if we return to SG next May is it possible that I can get a STVP extended for 6 months?  The normal extension period is 89 days.

Given that the main concern of the gov is the SG citz ability to support the sponsored person, I assume (as KevinKev said) that my wife owning a house in SG helps our case (it is fully paid HDB). But how about other funds in SG? We have substantial funds in SG already but I cannot see that asked for on the LTVP application form.

An LTVP+ has extra benefits and can be applied for as we have been married for more than the required 3 years.  So is it normal to apply for LTVP+ in the first application - or later after basic LTVP has been approved?

So many questions - and I only have limited knowledge (and no own experience) about these matters. Hopefully other readers will chime in, too!

Chris_Pilot wrote:

Is it possible to apply for LTVP before we return to SG or (even if permissible) is it best to apply once we are landed in SG to give us best chance?

As far as I know, it is possible to apply before you arive.

Chris_Pilot wrote:

Do you know if overseas income proof is admissible?

I do not know for sure (ask ICA!), but I assume so - otherwise it would be impossible for a Singaporean to move back home with their partner, and that is certainly not the intention of the authorities.

Chris_Pilot wrote:

So if we return to SG next May is it possible that I can get a STVP extended for 6 months?

No STVP extension beyond 89 days is possible (except in medical emergencies and when travelwas impossible due to COVID).

Chris_Pilot wrote:

But how about other funds in SG?

I also don't know, ask ICA! You can always add to your submission a letter explaining your situation, if it doesn't fir the form.

Chris_Pilot wrote:

So is it normal to apply for LTVP+ in the first application - or later after basic LTVP has been approved?

No such case appeared on the forum yet, so again I don't know. But I guess there is no harm trying to apply for an LTVP+ right away.

Sorry about all my questions!   And thanks for the answers.

But I figure our situation is not at all unique;  plenty of Singaporeans go overseas for awhile - study, work or whatever  - and get married there.  Then some want to bring their spouse back home at some stage.

Hopefully our experience can help others and indeed I'll advise of the outcome.

But in the meantime, if any others out there have, or had, similar circumstances as ours, I'd love to hear about it.


I applied for my SPR in mid Jan 21 and just gotten my IPA in early May 21. A bit of my background - so I'm married to a SGC and already working in SG under LTVP close to a year prior to the application. Previously Ive study and worked a couple of years (off & on 10 years) in Singapore before moving back to Malaysia and finally married and settled in Singapore last year.

I've also obtained my MBA in Malaysia and earned slightly towards the income threshold in SG. I think there are certain quota by nationality as well for PR per year. And yes, it definitely helped applying pre LTVP before you apply for LTVP as its speed up the process. I gotten my LTVP within 3 months after the pre LTVP approval. LTVP+ only for applicants if I'm not mistaken with child.

So, good luck!

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