Foreign TV in Japan - B-CAS Tuner


Planning to move to Japan soon (second time).
I have a rather new TV in the UK that i’m fond of and will probably bring it along.
Obviously everything will work except for terrestrial since there is no slot for a B-CAS card.
I was wondering if anyone has experience using tuners such as this one:

If I can get terrestrial working for 2000 yen that’s ideal.

I would check the model you have and make sure it is compatible with Japan. I shipped 3 near new LG Smart TVs to Japan from Australia and none of them worked for anything except offline gaming.

Check further than the manufacturers specs as they were not correct for me. I had to sell at greatly reduced prices.

Japan's electrical system, or actually, systems, may not suit your TV.
Apart from the voltage difference that your TV may or may not be able to cope with, some of Japan uses 50htz, the rest, 60

Check that before you waste money sending the thing

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