Sending and receiving packages in Japan


As an expat, there are inevitably certain items you might want or need from back home, and around the holiday period, many people like to send gift packages.

How easy is it to send and receive packages in Japan?

Is the public postal system efficient?

Do people tend to prefer using private shipping services? Which ones?

How do the costs of the private shipping services compare?

How long does it take generally to receive packages from abroad in Japan?

Do you have to pay taxes on items received by mail from abroad?

Are packages delivered right to your doorstep, or do you usually have to go collect them somewhere?

Thank you for sharing your experience,


Hi good morning Priscilla ,

I would like to ask your opinion regarding visa to Japan. I have been to Japan past a few years back. then I try another visit but I was denied by the Japanese embassy in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. but I am interested to visit again next year but I am not sure whether they will grant me or not my tourist visa.

therefore if you have any idea kindly advice me to apply for my visa as a tourist.

thank you very much

a. m. naufer

Hi Everyone,

Im from South Africa and live in Bizen city, Okayama....long story short...follow this link to get all the information you need regarding sending international mail/packages. Make the Google Translate app via PlayStore your friend and enable Instant Translation. … p?lang=_en

Also EMS is more cost effective than JPost to send internationally. Service for both avenues are superb, reliable and reasonably priced.

A bit more pricey yet extremely convenient from your doorstep...try a Private Courier Company like Sawaga, please visit their site … ice15.html

You can make a request online for your package to be collected

Moving from or to Japan...try … pment.html

We all have different needs and its challenging for me to convey all avenues..I can however advise with your needs after I've been thru the courier baptism with fire. :-)

I have to say.. I CANT vouch for courier companies abroad sending to Japan, have had many "prissues" (problems and issues LOL). I can say with conviction that when you track your package via EMS and you notice "retention" in the destination note, it means customs have it and it takes a while to clear. 90% of the time you need ask your family to rather inquire/collect at the post office due to numerous needless oversights and bad service/notification delivery problems.

Wishing you all the best

Ganbatte Kudasai!!!!!


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