Problems with language exchange via Skype

I do language exchange using Skype. I'm in Ho Chi Minn, Vietnam and my partner lives in Shizuoka. Okay, here is the problem. The Skype sound quality is very bad, so I can't understand what my partner says, and so as my partner. Does anyone know better VoIP?

I've found that Skype is the best but it depends on your internet connection. If your Internet connection is slow the audio and video will be very bad.

Test your speed at

Skype gives me the best sound quality to do video calls on pc. I think Jejm was right. U need to check ur net connection and even ur sound setting xD
Best of luck !

Oh I don't know if you are doing video calls or just lessons via phone. Because I am teaching English via phone to a kid in Vietnam, and I only rely on Global Call so far. Skype is not bad, but only for PC-to-PC calls, if you are doing your language exchange or just normal phone calls overseas, I highly recommend you check you the sound quality of Global Call, it's a lot more stable. One more good thing, it's having a pretty great discount, which is to buy 5 and receive 5 more bonus. So it should be a bargain for you. Link here~~

Have you tried Zoom? Let me know what the sound quality is like.

Yes. No different to Skype. It all depends on bandwidth.

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