Job Offer-Global Flour Mill,Wellington, NewZealand

Hello Budies,

I have received an email with attached Job offer from Global Flour Mill loacted at 98 Churchill Drive, Crofton Downs, Wellington 6035, New Zealand . HR named- Robert Catalano . I initially received an email from "[email protected]" asking to send the documents. I have opened the company website and under the contact option I found this person designated as HR manager. So I have directly emailed him asking for in depth details. Then I have answered there questionaire form and sent my required documents. It is about 4months back.
And today I have received a job offer letter from the same email address and I have been told to arrange the travel docs, air ticket etc.. and all the money invested will be reimbursed at the time of joining.

I am actually based in India, So can anyone help me in confirming whether this is genuine or not.

Help will be much appreciated.



Sharan Hi,

I from India and currently working in Saudi Arabia.

This is completely fake. Could you please provide me complete URL of the particular company. So, I will prove that the website is a fake one.

I am victim of this kind of Job scandal. So, please do not send any money. It is hard earned money.

Moreover, No employer will ask for any money to take care of your travelling.

Only expeses you have to bear from India is your Medical examination rest of the things employer has to take care. So, please ignore this.

Thanks and Regards,
Pon Christopher

Thank you Murugan,

The website is :

Here they are not asking us to give money at all.
Just asking us to make the necessary travel arrangements and report the office. And after reaching there , then they will reimburse the amount.

Please verify and suggest.

Thanks again.

Sounds suspicious to me. There is a Churchill Drive in Crofton Downs Wellington but I cannot find any details on Global Flour Mill.

Dear Shravan,

Please find below the agening of the website.    2020-02-22 10:56:28    0 Years 9 Month 17 Days    2020-07-19 14:10:50    2021-02-22 10:56:28

It is only nine month old website.

Let me tell how they operate.

You no need to send any money to the destination county member. Instead they will assign a person who will make arrangements for your travel. You have to pay them. In  this way they will operate.

Domain Name    Domain Created on    Age    Domain
Updated on"    Domain Expiration Date    2/22/2020 10:56    0 Years 9 Month 17 Days    7/19/2020 14:10    2/22/2021 10:56

Once you transfer the money their mobile and all the communication will be disconnected.

To kick start with, please telll them how to make the travel arrangements. Please follow their guidelines but do not shell out single penny from your pocket.

Please be cautious in handling them.

Thank You,
Pon Murugan R

A definite scam.
Thank you for informing the member of this.

Thank you guys for your time and information. That's really great help for me and nice if you .