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Ciao a tutti,
We are planning to move to Italy on/around February 1st provided the pandemic restrictions are loosened. We are primarily  looking at Cuneo in Piemonte but open to other small cities in the northern part of Italy in case we cannot find an apartment meeting our criteria.
My question is in regards to the engagement of a real estate agent in the search of an apartment. Since most of the advertised apartment list a specific real estate office, can I contact engage various real estate agents in the search ? Also, does anyone  know of a specific site where private owners advertise their  apartments? Molto grazie, nico

Hello Nicog,

do you want to buy or rent?
I have change 7 towns in Italy, 2 I bought, 5 rents. The rented appartments I found normally just walking around an looking for where I wanted to life and calling "affittasi" signs.
I only used one time a real estate agent, the other times without. It depends on how much time do you want to invest in the search:
if you have more money than time: let the work be done by a real estate agent. If you want to spare money: do i by yourself.

BUT if you do not know italian and want to buy: you NEED a professional help.

There are different pages I like to look houses online:
rent: www.affitti.it
in <span class="reintegratelink">[link under review]</span> are most privat person.

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Of course you can. Look at casa.it or immobiliare.it.  Lots of rentals online

Ciao Martina,
Grazie . For now, it will be a rental . After a year or two, we will make a decision to buy something.  Since we are restricted to visit Italy before moving, I thought it would make sense to engage several real estate agents to find out what they have to offer . But, your advice in finding apartment will be definitely considered. Molto grazie, Nico

Yes. I have been looking at the 3 major sites as well site where owners post themselves. Unfortunately, there aren't many apartments available outside Roma, Milano and the other major tourist cities. We are looking for a place in a small city allowing us not to have a car as I am restricted to buy one until  I obtain an Italian driver's license.   Thank you

The way the real estate market works in Italy is very different to the US.  Each agent has their own llistings, and its up to them if they are happy to work with another agent and split the commission.   Most dont want to do that especially for rentals.
You can try soloaffitti in the bigger cities, or private renters use subito.it as well as the real estate sites.  however, good stuff doesnt usually stay on the market long enough to make it onto sites.   Being on the ground is the best solution.  Failing that you need to be on an agents 'serious clients' list.

Thank you. Yes. I am looking at various sites. And, yes. I was aware that each agents has its own list and , as you mentioned, I agree that they would not be willing to share the commission. Hence, my questions: has anyone used multiple real estate agents within the same city? My assumption would be yes from the reasons described above. But, I was wondering. Grazie