A real estate company doesn't give back the deposit.

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A year ago I've arrived got a job in Denmark and rented an apartment that belongs to real estate company. Due to coronavirus, I have had to move back home country. I've terminated the contract, find new tenants for the apartment, done the move-out inspection, and waited for 6 weeks.
When I called the real estate company office they told me each week "we will send you a letter next week" and ignores my emails at all. For now, I didn't get any calculation removal coast and deposit. For me, it looks like I left Denmark, and they have started to ignore me...

Could you recommend to me please what should I do in this case and how can I get back my deposit and overpaid money?

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There has been imposed a temporary “Corona-law” which gives the landlord right to extend the refund of deposit, so hopefully it’s not because you are being ignored.
You can read the law tex here (in Danish).

Thank you for your clarification and link. I didn't find information about deposit repayment and terms in this document. Could you clarify please which paragraph should I check?

Hi Yurii_,

If I understand you correctly, you have waited 6 weeks now for you deposit. However, it's corona and holiday time may be the explation why you haven't received your money back by now.

You can contact below link and get free advice on the topic.

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Thank you for your advice :)

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