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Hi, I've recently learnt that apartments older than 1991 are under rules that govern how much they can legally be rented out for. I believe we are paying too much. Does anyone have any experience and/or advice on how to go about getting this reviewed and which Lejeforening are recommended?


Hopefully Google Translation will make this article understandable to you: … je-er-hoej
As you see, there is no final answers, as a proper rent is based on many factors.

LLO is a society which safeguards after the tenants' interests. You have to be a member. The membership varies from town to town. You can see the exact amount on the homepage.

You can also make a complaint directly to Huslejenævnet which is a neutral rent control committee. The landlord has to comply with its assessment. … slejenaevn


Thanks Nellie! That is very helpful.

Have you been through the process yourself? Wondering how much effort it is? Is it relatively quick to resolve or does the process go on for months? Have you had a bad experience where the landlord then tries their best to make life difficult so that you leave?


No Dale, I haven't tried it myself, but I know that it is quite simple to make the complaint as you can do it online (see my former link). Huslejenævnet will then send your complaint to the landlord to have his point of view on the matter. Then it's your turn to respond, and ............. As long as new information comes up, the other part of the case will be heard. I would say that you shall count on 6 months (+), but it depends on the number of cases at the local huslejenævn, and how quickly the landlord and you respond to each other's questions.

No doubt that the landlord will not become friendlier after you have filed a complaint against him. You can risk that he'll make life difficult in the hope that you'll leave why in your case, I would consult LLO to hear if they believe you have a good case or not as they may have an idea of whether the amount of the rent is too high. If it isn't, there's no reason to irritate the landlord for no use.

If they think the rent is too high, they also may give you some arguments to use so you can address the landlord directly without making a case out of it.

Please share your decision with the forum.


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