How to get back my rental deposit

Hi All

I and my wife moved to Denmark last September and since our present housing contract is only for six months we were in search of new house.

We contacted a landlord who is renovating his house for renting. I sent him the deposit amount as he pressurized me by saying only by paying deposit I can confirm the house.

Later we realized that the renovation was not as he mentioned earlier and so I said him that I am not willing to take the house for rent.

Now he is refusing to return my deposit amount.

The date fixed to move in was Feb 1st. There was no contract papers signed until now.

Kindly share your suggestions.
Is there anything wrong in my part to ask the deposit back ?


Is there anything wrong in my part to ask the deposit back ?
It seems reasonable, but it all depends on ............................

I suggest to you that you write to the Tenants free advisors:

It is law students who offer this service. Normally, they'll answer within 48 hours, but December and January are time for exams so that the response time can be longer. But do try.

There are free law assistance everywhere in the country once a week. Where is the housing (house/apartment?) situated?


Hi Neil

Thanks for your response I 'll write in the given link and the house comes under greve municipality.

You can ask advokatvagten in Greve or anywhere else about all kind of law problems. It is an anonymous advice service offered by local lawyers.

In Greve it is at the library every Tuesday between 17 and 18 o'clock. You can get a waiting number between 16.30 and 17.

Other possibilities. Do notice that the advice service follow the school year, e.g. no advisors during the winter holiday. The winter holiday is normally week 7 or 8 depending on the local municipality. … okatvagter

I wish you luck. Please share your experience with the forum.


It was a nice and detailed information. Thank you and I will surely update with the progress.

K. Prasanna

Thank You so much for your useful Information.  I wrote to Lejerens Frie Retshjælp explaining my situation, they provided me with a letter explaining the lawful process. I spoke with the landlord more confidently based on the explanation given in the letter and I was able to get back all my money without any trouble. 

Thanks again for this wonderful service :) :) :) :)

Congratulations on the satisfying result., and thanks for taking your time to tell us about the happy ending.

I am so glad it ended that way.


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