Free websites for finding accomodation where owners can be contacted

I would be relocating to Copenhagen in aug end. I am in process of finding rental place. Are there any free websites providing available apartments directly from owners. I am finding most websites are charging monthly fees.

Hello, This is the frequently used website for almost everything, i.a to find rental apartments  as you can see you need to use google translate.  :cheers:

First of all, I'll advise you to wait until you have arrived, then find a temporary housing for the first time, best of all. You may be trapped as there are many fraudsters on the market, especially in the summer time. If you choose to pay a minor monthly amount, the risk is less for being cheated.

In your case, your employer will be the very best to find out whether a housing is existing, whether the landlord is the real owner (not a person who has rented an AirBnB himself and now pretend to be the owner).

If a housing had been advertised for more than a day on DBA, you'll have to be suspicious. … copenhagen … copenhagen … cwodrtwI5g … nmark.html … cgodoDkOog … e-flat.htm … sing-scams … tments.php … er/6213204

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