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With a population of 72,000 inhabitants, Esbjerg is the fifth largest Danish city. It is located on the southwest coast of Denmark and has been a popular location for expats over the years. Esbjerg hosts the main port on the North Sea, as well as an airport servicing Scotland and Norway. Esbjerg has a stable and reliable economy, and the campuses of the University of Southern Denmark and Aalborg University have made it a significant centre for higher education.

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The residential areas in Esbjerg are comprised of older, single-family homes, newer homes, and small and large apartment blocks. Community events are common in the different neighbourhoods, and the city has something to offer families and singles alike. The nearby city of Ribe is Denmark’s oldest city.

Rent prices in Esbjerg

In addition to its tranquillity, Esbjerg is particularly famous for its affordable rent prices. Moreover, price variations based on location and type of accommodation are not as significant as in other cities.

You can rent a studio for DKK 2,000 to DKK 4,000. For a bigger apartment, you will need DKK 6,000 to DKK 8,500 depending on the neighbourhood. Utilities are not usually included in the monthly rent, and a deposit will be required as well.

Find accommodation in Esbjerg

Word of mouth is a good way to find accommodation in Esbjerg. Make use of your network if you are already in or know someone in Denmark. If not, the municipality assists newcomers with their housing search. It’s an excellent resource if you don't know where to start.

When you begin your search, keep in mind the time of year. Housing demand increases when students are about to start school (September and February), so start your housing search early to avoid missing out. Seeking the help of a real estate agent could also increase the chances of finding accommodation fitting your criteria.

Numerous websites, forums, and Facebook groups dedicated to the topic can also be helpful in your search for the ideal accommodations.

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