Pet friendly apartments in Copenhagen

Hi Everyone,

Next month I will be moving to Copenhagen with my partner and our 6 pound pomeranian that is 7 years old. Will it be possible to find a pet friendly apartment in Norberro, Vesterbro, or Osterbro?

Really appreciate any advice or tips on finding a pet friendly apartment within Copenhagen.

Not impossible, but of course, it won't make things easier.

There are some sites where you can look for apartments. Look e.g. for apartments where Husdyr er tilladt.

You can get an impression of the market here


Thank you for your help!

If anyone went through this same experience of searching for an apartment with a pet, please share your experience.

I was rejected by a number of apartments solely because I have a small, indoor cat.  I suspect with a dog it may be even more challenging.  The last two apartments I've rented have been advertised as "no-pets", but the landlord agreed to an exception - so it's worth asking, even if the listing advises no pets.  Best of luck.

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