Moving to Copenhagen as a freelancer (independent contractor)

Hi everyone,

I'm an EU citizen working as an online English teacher (independent contractor) and I'd love to move to Copenhagen this year. I'm willing to pay all the taxes and necessary expenses but I'm having trouble finding the category I'd fit in on the site since I'm not employed by a Danish company and I'm not self-employed per se.

So my question is, how can I get a residence permit? What would be my basis for applying within the given categories? Who can I contact for more info?

I'd appreciate any input since I feel like I've hit a wall.


Hi Yellolemon,

You're always welcome to contact SIRI: … on_service


Hi Nellie,

Thanks for your reply. I've contacted SIRI but I haven't received a reply. I'm guessing their response times are delayed because of the COVID-19 situation. I was hoping someone was in the same boat as me so they could share their opinions here.

Any info is much appreciated!

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