Looking to get a residence permit. I have an urgent question please

Hi guys,

I'm Elyes from Tunisia. I recently got an internship offer from a company in Copenhagen. I've started the online application for the residence permit, but my problem is with submitting my biometric information.
You see, in Tunisia, we don't have an agency that can handle this process. After looking through the Danish Foreign Affairs website, I came across a pdf file that indicated that I can still get my biometrics recorded by going to the VFS Global center at one of these adjacent countries: Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt.
Since Algeria is the closest, I called their center for more information. They told me that in order for them to accept my files, I'd need to have legal residence in Algeria.
I've looked through many web pages, including the Danish Foreign Affairs and the Moroccan VFS center's websites, and the only mentions of obligatory legal residence, in the country in which I submit my biometrics, are related to short-stay visas.
I'm perplexed. The VFS center in Algeria is closed Friday and Saturday so I can't contact them now for more information. I suspect since we speak different dialects of Arabic, the operator may not have understood that I want a residence permit. But still I'd love to confirm with you guys if legal residency is required in this case.

Here are pictures from the online sources I found:

Do contact
https://www.nyidanmark.dk/en-GB/You-wan … howtoapply


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