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Re : Accompanying family members - work

I am a South African surveyor who has been offered employment in Denmark and intend on applying for a work and residence permit via the 'Pay-Limit Scheme' (Note : No application has been lodged as yet).

My cohabiting partner would be joining me, and we have identified the 'Family / Residence permit as an accompanying family member' as optimal route to follow  (Note : No application has been lodged as yet).

My query relates to the sequence / timing of applications :

Do we lodge both applications simultaneously? Or do I lodge my application first as primary, and if successful in gaining permit she then lodges thereafter?

I have written SIRI with similar query. In interim any advice / guidance from those who have successfully navigated this  scenario would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

Yes, You can lodge it as same time in the embassy.
It is very straight forward process.
Key is to have documentation like Marriage certificate or other docs Danish embassy would agree that you both are together.

Once the visa/permit is approved (depends on case by case basis), Embassy could already issue you both CPR numbers as well


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