Locked Out of Thailand

The lockdown, while it should have taken place much earlier, was done without sufficient warning.

I relocated to Thailand 10 years ago, am married with sons, and I was caught unawares while out of Thailand.  This would never have happened had the airline I was using -- Sri Lankan -- not cancelled their flight to Bangkok. But without warning, after waiting at the airport all day, they cancelled at the last minute. Very bad actually, because had they decided to give people fair notice, we would have been able to catch alternative flights back to Thailand. To cancel at 22:00 hours, three hours before the flight was disgusting, and inexcusable.

After trying to find a way back for over a week to get back to my family, I had to eventually give up and take an extremely expensive flight back to the UK, (out of the fat, into the fire is the expression) where I am currently waiting for the situation to stabilise so that I can return to my family.

While I am not unique in my situation - - there are many caught in the same  circumstance - - one of the meanest things that I have read about with this situation was of the family who flew into Thailand, an expat with a Thai wife and two children. She and the children were allowed to enter the kingdom , he, because he was a 'foreigner' (a 'dirty Farang', as quoted by Thailand's Minister for Health) was not permitted to enter and sent back to S. Africa. While I understand and appreciate the blocking of tourists and non essential travellers at this most difficult of times, the decision to split this family and not permit him entry was in my estimation, was one of the most heartless and cruel decisions for any immigration officer to have taken. While these are difficult times, , logic should have prevailed, and he should have been placed (all of them?) under quarantine. Even at his cost, and not sent  back to South Africa. It does however, clarify the government's position on 'farang', and show them to be what they have really become., which unfortunately is racist. Having said that I do not place all Thai's under the same category. Thai's in general, are indeed welcoming, kind and polite as a race, and I love them  dearly. But there is a  small minority who appear to be 'hell bent' on destroying the image of Thailand, and that needs to be rectified if Thailand is to regain its place at the top of the world's tourist destinations once again.

The question now is: "When will those of us who have families, and have lived in Thailand for many years, be allowed to return to our loved ones" Why are we being kept out? " For what purpose? And please don't say Covid-19. I would willingly pay for 14 days in quarantine. I have after all been quarantined in the UK for 3 weeks now.

I have been here for 5 weeks (U.K.)  and in a semi lock down situation too, Two airlines cancelled at the last minute, maybe that is better than being turned away just when you are almost home? But we must be patient more clarity will come towards the beginning of next month I am sure?  Its possible that a health clearance certificate will be mandatory inc a test certificate, we are all in the same miserable boat sadly.
Some things cannot be discussed publicly?

Good luck

First, I have to let you guys know how sorry I am about your circumstances, being in lockdown away from the loved ones.

           It seems that most foreigners who are inside Thailand are somehow also experiencing problems.

The health Minister's hate speech was not what we needed, even when I have to admit that Thailand seems to attract all the cockroaches of this world.

     Something was going on in Phuket where some foreigners went to a beach, and a Thai guy started to tell others over FB to use slingshots to shoot on us!!!
Millions found that cold and two Thais with a slingshot could be seen everywhere.

    As a teacher, I'm aware that the education here doesn't produce the brightest people on this planet, but they seem to have forgotten that Thailand would be similar to Myanmar without us.

   I've had a couple of millions when I arrived 18 years ago, of course, is all money spent. My salaries pay for our lives, and I can't even say that I live an extravagant life.

  I've got a big bike and a pick-up, but not even riding my bike right now makes me happy. All is a sort of stage. Now they even stopped selling alcohol, Songkran is postponed, and they are planning to create new holidays, if so.

Get a medical that says that you do not have the virus, do it now and talk to your house doctor to fill in the date when you know that you can come back.

   I thought that I was lucky about finding a new job, but now they decided not to open all schools before the first of July.

  All I can tell you is try to think positive, do something for your body and your brain, don't get fat and lazy.

I wish you the best and f..the rest ( Of course, forget).

                    Kind regards,

I too got locked out after livibg in khon kaen for over 2 years with my thai partner. The short notice left me no chance to get back before lock out. Now new ridiculous conditions such as covid free certificate less than 72 hours old, almost impossible. Seems to be an attitude building that farang not wanted in favour of chinese and other asian tourists. I have property in thailand and savings in thai banks, now worried when i will be able to get back. Will gladly spend 2 weeks isolation as a simple solution to foreigners arriving. Hopefully things will change soon.

Don't worry, it won't take much longer, there are too many people involved. I was wondering if they check each health certificate if it's real?

             I hope that you'll soon be able to come back. I'm honestly thinking about leaving this country after so many years.

Too many things have changed ad I do not know if it's still worth to life here.

       Kind regards from Sisaket ad best of luck to you!

                                     Mike with family

Maybe try just relocating to a different province...Thailand has so much to offer as u likely know....so it is likely there is a unique one there that can provide solace and sanctuary during this troubled hour....there are 13 waterfalls nearest my village....seemingly a world away from any attitudes or troubles ..no reason to leave....just remember the reasons you came....

We are in the U.S. my Thai wife and daughter unable to travel back right now. My daughter is 9 and they will start school July 1. Wondering how we will get her back to go to school. I still work so I need to return to the states so can't risk quarantine time. We live in the Nakhon Phanom area. Crazy time we live in now.

How would you plan to get back if the only problem was the 14 day quarantine period?

All good advice. Patience being the virtue, but as for not getting fat! That's a struggle. Not used to amazing selection of good ales, cheese, etc. All at an affordable price. Get me out of here quick...  :).,  it also looks possible that Vietnam might begin international flights beginning of June. Vietnam is a lot safer than the UK, and certainly safer than North Wales where I am currently ensconced. I'll be on the first plane in if documentation permits. I'd sooner wait there than here!

I would fly back with them stay a week and return back to work. My daughter goes to private school in Bangkok and stays with my wife's sister while in school.

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