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Hey. So I know there is no Gent board here but we will see how may come across it. I am wanting to start up a weekly meet up in Gent starting week of the 25th of July. So far the idea is to start with the first week a coffee meet on Saturday 23rd starting around 1.30 to 2 and then the next week with be a Thurdays 4th of Aug for drinks around 7ish. I know I have posted this very early to see how much interested we can get. Also it gives us time to play around with dates a bit and place suggestions. Regards and hope to see you there Hannah

Hey Hannah!
  I am moving to Ghent in August. I am actually inGhent looking for an apartment for myself and my girlfriend. I would be up for a meet up maybe in September or October depending on when we get set up. Please keep me posted!!
   All The Best

I will do hopefuly it will be a regular thing and we can orginise other things also

Hello! I recently moved to Ghent with my boyfriend :)

And yes i've noticed there's lots of meet ups for Brussels mainly, and a few other cities, but no Ghent. So this sounds like a good idea :)

So I'm in!

Good are times good for you or do you have different suggestions maybe you know a good cafe or bar to go to

Hello! Unfortunately I don't know many places in Ghent, but I've seen many nice terraces downtown :) Do you live very far from there?

If no one comes up with suggestions, I can ask my bf :) About the dates! Hmmm..! I'm not quite sure, but I think during that time there will be the Ghent festivities? And I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing..! I mean like.. maybe there will be no place to sit :P?

So.. I didn't help at all :P hehe.. sorry :D But next time I go downtown I'll check for places.

Im not sure about the fest I guess we could always just leave it untill Aug. However if you wanna meet up before then just let me know do you use msn.

Hey it sounds good :)! We could meet up before that, and hopefully in the future more people will join us! I'll send you a PM with my msn :)

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Okies then so lets get this thing started I think frist meet up should be one early eve this week so whos intrested and what days are best the fest finishes on Monday so that wont be a problem Input below and we can sort something by the end of the weekend xxxx

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