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Hi guys, my name is Dana. I'm 28 years old. I'm from Kazakhstan, Almaty. Far away but fun place to live. I used to study in high school as an exchange student for half a year in Alabama. It was the only experience I had in the USA. Whenever I say to someone that I studied in Alabama, majority of American citizens start to laugh at me..I wonder why???
Therefore, now I would like to make friends from other states and compare how are they different with their life styles..
I can tell you about our country or Almaty city if you want as well..

Hey Dana!

I hope you will make many new contacts soon ;)


Hi Dana, you can email me and I can help you. I'm an American and headed back soon for film work, but traveling as you can see.

So people in Alabama laughed at you....Happens--but not all over the US. I lived in The South and it's just like visiting a foreign country sometimes and they don't see that much diversity but the rest is pretty ok. I can do tours, give advice etc.

I am from Alabama and  none of the American citizens laughs at me...:)

I think its just your misunderstanding...:)

That's because your apparently from there nancy.....

Hi! Dana . How are you ?

Hey, I'm actually driving through alabama right this moment.
I live in mississippi so don't feel bad when they
Laugh about Alabama . Take care

so sad i havent been there so i dont know how it is but i wish i could get  a feel of it soon, i am trying to get over there to have my own experience

They probably laughed at you because, to some people, the south is a big joke. Not all people here are like that. I'm from Texas and I'm sure people who are not from Texas would laugh at me, and have laughed at me. It just has a lot to do with the fact tht a long time ago, much of the south was uneducated farmers. They're no longer uneducated, but we still have distinguishable accents and a lot of farmers.


Hello there how are you. I am from NJ

Hi Everybody

Honestly want to have more friends.

Sweet dream to you all!

Hello Snow,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

Maybe you can start a new discussion on the USA forum for more responses :)

Thank you,

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hi dana i'm joseph from morocco. i'm 25 years old. and i wana have a relation ship with another girl in different contry. I would like to make friends too from other states and compare how are they different with their life styles..
if you wan't .this is my email: xxx

My name is anil and i am from bellevue wa

hey, me also i am looking to friend in usa,, i leave to NY in november !

I am pleased to be with Expat forum -USA

i'm actually looking forward to experience Alabama Life, im in South Africa but soon i want to be in USA.

Hi every one am Cynthia Nkrumah I live in Ghana I want someone who live in USA be my friend and help me get visa to his or her place thankyou

you are welcome

Your reply...hi pals

Hi George and welcome  :)

This thread is a bit old one but still you might get some interaction with members if you introduce yourself.

All the best,

I am from Africa Ethiopia, Addis Ababa if you need the experience from my country I am welcoming you when you need me keep intouch

I am new in plant city, I want to make new friends.

Hi can I also email you ?

Oh yes please tell me about your lovely country
Thx ceecey

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