meet american people

Hello everybody my name is olivier I am 22 yeras old and I would like to be in contact with american guys to improve my english so I hope to meet some pople, please send me a private message to speak, see you soon

Hi and welcome on olivier2101 :)

I hope you will make many contacts on the forum. Are you intending to move to the US?


Hello Armand thank you yes I really would like to go to the US but I know how it's very dificult and for the moment my english is not very good, but I will see, but I really want to go there and stay there and I will do anything to do it I am very very motivated, hope to see you soon


Hi olivier2101 :)

I see that your written english is not bad at all!
Hope you can make your dream come true ;)


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Lesson #1: periods are good.

HaileyinHongKong wrote:

Lesson #1: periods are good.

Yes, it means your birth control system is working!!

Hello to all out there,

I am a Christian male from Pakistan and ambitious to have nice friends from USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Europe. Remember, I hate lies and the scammers as I am a God fearing Christian male and desirous to have nice & civilized people as my friends. Thanks

God bless all of you. Amen

hi guy how are you doing

Hello lourci -> Could you please introduce yourself? :)

Thank you,

hi Aurelie, i am Ndzounas lourci Rauye i am from Gabon and you?

anyone there?

Hi lourci,

Just for your information, Aurelie is part of Expat-blog Team

Thank you for your understanding :)

Expat-blog Team

hi! my name's khalid and i want metting people of old the word, and speak with them english, i love english i want improve my language .I will be very happy if anybody make contact with me thanks .

hi ,im here if you want speak english ,me too i want improve my english

Hello everybody my name is Cookie I am 24 years old. I am here in Thailand and I really do miss American English Accent so much. I was there a bit and now I am back to where I was.
I would like to improve my English so much. I wish one there in the future I can be there again. Please contact me if you really serious about knowing me.

Hi evryone

Hello Christy 1 -> Could you please introduce yourself? :)

Thank you,

Hello, I am a Singaporean female and would love to meet Americans living in Singapore. I love the American culture and way of live. Im interested to find out more. So kindly message me if you are currently residing in Singapore.


HaileyinHongKong wrote:

Lesson #1: periods are good.

Hello Dear!

Hello toure alain ---> would be nice if you could introduce yourself :)




Need a lot more information from you as to what it is you are asking.
Then we may be able to assist you.

i'm taha i want to make some relation ships around the world so please i accept any one to be my friend i want some friends speacially from england or america to help me to find some schools for pilot and shome some places to stay if i go to that school
thanks just for reading my message even if you don't help me

hi i'm frome algeria can you give me your facebook or any thing to contact you please


HaileyinHongKong wrote:

Lesson #1: periods are good.

I am writing for your ad,that your looking for friends from US. I am living in Southern California and if you,would like to come to states you can come and stay in my house. And help you to go to tourist destinations in SO CAL. You can contact me by e-mail,if your interested.

[email protected]

hello every body i wish to make a lots of friend ............;);)


Hello! And welcome! I am sure you will make lots of new friends here.

Matt V. - Manaus, Amazonas, Brasil
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i think to move to america soon i subscribed in the dv lottery but my problem is the affidavit of support demanded to complete visa processes so i want to ask about this subject also if there is a way to get it easily :):):):):):):):)

i wont to find my lover

i m here to meet the right person


This is not a dating forum.
Can you please introduce yourself and write about the subject, which in this case is about meeting american people.

Hi peeps im new here...waz happenin here??

sixtusc1 wrote:

Hi peeps im new here...waz happenin here??

Hi and welcome to the forum
Could you please introduce yourself to the forum with a little information about yourself.

I wish I'll have more people

Hello I am Abdullah I'm from Qatar and play in Mentban are the golf and cycling Babysitting my experience in captivity and experience in collaboration and insist on cooperation Experience in the HCP and cooperation housework. I love music play in two enst :$ just learning .
What I hope every family and the beginning of a new goal of sharing the good feeling between the two parties ,
What I hope every family a new beginning aimed at the exchange of feeling . I wish I can chose the family in long away then here then be at home debrast and lonely :(  I get sick off it
But with you'll al be fine newperson  :)
Mabe will be to gether weat ever :)


hello everyone!,  I want to have nice and honest friends here.,  :)

gallanolorna wrote:

hello everyone!,  I want to have nice and honest friends here.,  :)

Nice flowers.  Please tell us about yourself.