Looking for Algerians in the USA :)

Where can I find them?

Anyone out there? D:

Hi Safiia!

Maybe an introduction might help as well.


Thanks for your replies :P

Where do I make an introduction Armand?

Hi Safiia,

If you click on "NETWORK" in the menu located in the green banner you can select a list that will show you the members of any particular nationality.

William James Woodward - Brazil & Canada Expert, Expat-blog Team

Here is the link to the networking page:


I found one.

https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.p … 70#1683317

Hi il Algerian & i live in Minneapolis MN.I obly know one Algerian guy hehe :)

Minnesota here :) Viva l'Algérie lol

Hi Nabil,
How are you.

Im doing good baby  :) how are you?

Salut Nabil,
Merci pour ta réponse, car sur ta messgerie on peux plus t'écrire elle est pleine.
You have to throw out some of them, I think.
See you.

Azul felawen! Amekh thelam labas?

ok Dalila, I cleared out my inbox msg :) so now we van keep in touch my friend. Did you get Skype or something?
Je vaos rentrer au Bled la semaine prochaine!
Im so excited :D

Salem kho,
I am Hakim, student at u of m, Minneapolis campus. From Algiers. Live near campus, let,s get in touch.


Wa/salem khouya
Im Nabil from Khenchela & i really like to be in touch with you. I live in south Minneapolis & planning to go to college. talk to you soon :)

Hi.im here

Heyy ladies & gentlemen :)

My Facebook is Safo Mymo if any of you need a fellow Algerian friend living in the USA ;)

Take care ^_^