Networking in the USA

Updated 2011-11-30 06:50

Just want to send out greetings to everyone out there looking to come to the states!

My background here in the states has been as an English as a second language teacher.

It has proved a most exciting, rewarding and interesting job. My employer was the local school district. Although I started at the International Newcomers Academy, my high school students came from all over the world. I soon found myself working with non-English speaking adults. Without a doubt I could easily write hours about that experience but today my objective is little different.

Introducing you to a readily available free support system in the United States will make your transition fantastic!

All major cities and even smaller communities have readily available ESL programs. These programs can easily found FREE OF COST. These programs are run by local churches, community groups or as in my case local school districts.

Students receive classes based on pre-tested scores; all materials are provided, also free of cost. Listed below are the distinct advantages of participating.

1. Locating an immediate support system is key to a successful transition to visiting or living in the states.

2. These programs are often affiliated with government agencies. Therefore any questions, concerns or issues you might need addressed are readily accessible. (These provide an easier access than attempting to work on your own.)

3. Many agencies and lawyers provide free or cut rate services to ESL students.

4. Working with ESL programs ensures you are involved with reputable, knowledgeable and qualified people.

5. Networking with the students and staff allows you a group of people very willing in sharing how to find and utilize resources and services available to America's newcomers.

Let us address those of you coming just for a visit. Those of you, who are exceedingly wealthy and plan to travel the high end tourist agenda, do not this aspect of networking.

The folks coming for three months or more by all means avail yourself of time spent in an ESL program.

These programs are held only two days or as many as four days a week and the hours are also varied. The benefits are invaluable! This program allows you to meet the real American tapestry.

Finding out where the 'Really good, true to culture, with reasonable prices' are what you can glean from going to the ESL program. Find out where the good shopping places are located, the best eateries, and the days to find scaled back priced events.

Local transportation is also vital information for the new comers, to the USA. Mobility and services provided are much different than those in Europe; stateside many activities are not within walking distance;

This information is readily available to you when you network with your ESL friends.


Friends I hope this gives you a good footing to start your American experience! Have any questions? Contact me!



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