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Hello- In a couple of months I will arrive in Cambodia with the intent of getting a one-year Retirement Visa. As I understand it, I need to get an "Ordinary Visa" first before getting a Retirement Visa. Is there any way to get the Ordinary Visa online before arriving in Cambodia.? The government visa site appears to only offer E-Tourist Visas. Thanks Much!!! Dennis~

What's the problem?

You arrive at the airport and apply,  within 30 minutes you got your Ordinary visa....



I'll get it at every airport or only in PP?

At every international airport,  PP,  Siem reap and Sihanoukville.

Unless you have an African passport.

Most airlines hand out application forms in the plane,  so you can fill it out before arriving.



Thanks Joe, you're always a big help  :cheers:

Thanks Much! I was hoping to get an E-Visa to avoid using a page in my passport! Another question: I've been told that I can get my Retirement Visa direct from the Immigration Department Office across the street from PP Airport. Is it cheaper this way rather than using an agent? And is it faster this way? Do you know how many days this process takes if I use the Immigration Dept. Office? Thanks, Dennis~

Hello Dennis.

Although it is possible to go to Immigration yourself I would not recommend it.

1. It costs the same as when you use an agent.
2. It takes the same time.
3. You need to take a Khmer person with you as most Immigration officers don't speak English.
4. You have to go there twice and they will not call you when it's ready.

So better take a reliable agent and let them do the work. It takes between 1 and 2 weeks for processing, average is 10 days.
Agents know certain officers and are a frequent client, they drop several passports with application at the desk of the officer they know and the whole badge is processed in one go. The agent takes them back and calls the applicants. As easy as can be.



Superb! I promise this is my FINAL question: Can you recommend a reliable agent in PP? Thank You Very Much!!! Dennis~

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