Applying for a Retirement visa in Cambodia as at March 2019

Tookgare from Thailand

How difficult is it to get a retirement visa now? As Retirement visas are  becoming out of reach in Thailand unless you have THB1,000,000+ in a Thai Bank a/c as many western countries are not longer issuing proof of income statements/declarations. the Thai Immigration rules have changed as you are required to have THB 800,000 in a Thai bank a/c 2months before and 3months after applying for a 12 month retirement visa  and have not less than THB 400,000 in a Thai Bank a/c for the other 7 months of the year.  So I think it is time to have a look at more of S.E. Asia particularly Cambodia, I would appreciate any comments regarding visas and places to see. I am over 65 have a  Aussie govt pension for life.

If you’re over 55, it’s easy to get an retirement visa in Cambodia. Pay about $290 for 1 year visa! No supporting documents are needed.

Gary67 :

If you’re over 55, it’s easy to get an retirement visa in Cambodia. Pay about $290 for 1 year visa! No supporting documents are needed.

Do you need to leave the country to repeat the process (ordinary visa ----->ER EOS) before the existing 1-year EOS nearly expires?

No I went from ordinary visa to retirement visa never leaving the country

thankyou, gary67
you have made my day I dont have to worry anymore.
My next step is to visit Cambodia, any sugestions about where to start?

Hey Arthur I can give you some really good advice , yes I want to first say he is my friend, but any questions take jos word , he knows almost everything, you can take his word to the bank as they say , he’s a wealth of information and he’s free , don’t worry about the visa so easy in cambodia , it’s nothing , you can get it renewed multiple entry , year after year never giving out information or going to a government office , I’m in Vietnam and every three months I will have to do a border run to Cambodia, but that will be good for me , cambodia is fantastic, you will love it and the people are by far the most welcoming in all of Southeast Asia, I love the people of Cambodia!!!

You must visit angor wat it’s a must but for livable city with everything and safe I choose Phnom Penh


As my name is mentioned by Twinsguy I post this short answer.

It has been covered a couple of times already so it would have been easier if the search option would have been used.

It's not true that there are no documents required for retirees of 55 and over. There is a demand to have a letter stating you're retired, don't work and get funds from your home country coming in into Cambodia.
Unfortunately not all immigration officers bother about it, so if an agent works with a certain officer the letter is not necessary, if the agent works with an officer who applies the new requirements you need this letter. I had it myself at my last extension.

The letter is no problem at all, provided you have a reliable agent.

Reliable agents have this letter ready for you, they put in your name and passport number, you sign and thumb print it and that's all. No additional costs.

This is the newest information right now.


Cambodia expert team

Does the letter have to come from an official source or can it come from me signed by me, and is there a minimum amount of funds

The agent has the letter stored so they only have to put your name in and passport number.

Funds,  no amount mentioned.


I stand corrected, I must go through the right agent, this is my second one , I got the last one February 7 , he never asked for anything, but I would pm me or definitely take jos advice, I personally was never asked

Hi Arthur. Welcome to Cambodia! Here is what I did. I visited Sihanoukville first but would not recommend that city for awhile since there is a lot of construction going on there. Give it some time and visit in a year or two. I highly recommend visiting Kampot and I think you would enjoy a few days spent there. There are lots of good restaurants and the ex-pat force is strong there :-). You can get bus service from Phnom Penh on Giant Ibis to visit both Kampot and Kep. I have not been to Kep but will be going later this year. I think you should also visit Siem Reap. Its a fun city even without the amazing Angkor Wat historical sites to see. The food scene is amazing there and I had a lot of fun seeing the Night Market and Pub Street and all the restaurants, markets, and shops there. I would recommend you also visiting Battambang. Its the second largest city in Cambodia but is completely different than Phnom Penh. Most all can be reached from each other by different bus services. I traveled all of these by either cheap air flights in the case of Sihanoukville to Siem Reap or by bus. How long you spend is up to you. I stayed longer in most places to get a sense of each place and its daily vibes. I spent a month in Siem Reap and two weeks in Battambang and a week in Kampot. It seemed good to me.

Then I rode the bus from Battambang back to Phnom Penh before departing for a 5 month trip to Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand which I am on now. I will be back to Phnom Penh in June for a few weeks. 

Hope this helps!

No, after 1 year apply for a new ER EOS!

Start after the border in Koh Kong!

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