We are currently looking at buying in Montana/Vratsa area.

We are currently looking at buying in Montana/Vratsa area.

Our interests are

Walking the dogs


Ski ing

Any advice and info welcome please

Many have bought there and love it.    Looking at the industry, infrastructure and poverty it was one area we ruled out when we were still at the paper planning stage.

Walking dogs and fishing open up the whole country for you.   Ski ing narrows it down a bit

There is enough written on the need for an attorney and a notary so buyer beware

We love living in Bg.    But beware current issues

Many BGs fled to Turkey during the Communist period. Very few rural records are documented. 

Many Bg Turks are returning and claiming previous land holdings.   Thus many small villages are becoming overrun by Turks who refuse to speak English or Bulgarian.   Many are building Mosques. And bringing extended family members. 

The next issue is conversion to Euro in 2020. It matters not if prices go up but only perception.   

It does not mean that the homes in Euros pricing will go up but that people will panic to sell.

Keep your cash in Euros not Lv. As shops will start to accept Euros soon I

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