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I live in Perth Australia and have recently been offered a job in Abu-dhabi. My current salary is 210000 AUD/year before taxes and my new job offer is giving me 65000 AED/month. I have a family of four and both my children have graduated from high school so i won't need to pay for schooling there. However i still need to pay for their medical coverage and potentially for their University expenses there. Is this Salary reasonable or something that i could save money on?

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Hello there, I am Sonya, I live in Dubai for a very long time .

I think the salary offered is decent but normally most of the companies offer medical and tickets for you and your family.



You need to look at the entire package, base pay, uplift, medical, taxes, cost of living, retirement etc. when comparing your offer to your current compensation. Most importantly look at the take home pay. Honestly many candidates are a bit disappointed when they see their base salary, you have to look at the whole picture. Your offer is also open to negotiation.

Ask your recruiter to help you understand everything that's in it. It's likely not even close to an apples to apples to a Australian  compensation, so you really need to figure out how the salary, retirement benefits, medical benefits, tax situation etc. pencil out. It took me awhile to understand what you qualify for in retirement and medical after 5 years. Bottom line is if you're willing to put in 5+ years, you'll likely be in a much better financial situation, but everyone's situation is unique. That's not to say that the offers of lucrative for everyone's situation, but in many cases it is.

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Well my current Salary is 210000 AUD/year but after tax my take home pay is 130000 AUD/year. My package from Abu-Dhabi is broken down as follows

26000 AED/ month as base salary
13000 AED /month for Accomodation allowance:
13000 AED/month for other allowance
13000 AED/month for transporation allowance
Total=65000 AED/month tax free
Medical insurance for self and spouse and all children under 18 yrs of age
economy class air fare for self, spouse and children under 18 yrs of age

Now my children are both over 18yrs old so medical insurance doesn't apply to them and i would probably have to pay out of pocket for them

Is this a good package?


Generically speaking, yes, it is a good package for the UAE and is considered a higher end salary.

However, as the other posters said, it really depends on your lifestyle and the savings that you make vs. your home country.

As a rule of thumb, if you end up saving the same or less then what you do in your home country then there is no point to accepting an international assignment.  Unless of course if it is good for your career or you want new experiences.

I am not sure if you have state provided healthcare coverage and schooling support in the Australian system but in any case, that will be a major chunk of change in the UAE.  The other thing you are not considering is the visas.  In the UAE, you can only sponsor kids up to the age of 18 - exception is for unmarried daughters beyond this age and sons IF they are studying in the UAE (but only up to the age of 21).  This again will add to your costs as I doubt your employer will pick it up.

So factor all of the above in your cost and see if the savings element makes sense for you.

Yeah you raised a good point. With a 210000 aud per year you are paying 75000 for taxes and 50000 per year in mortgages or rents and about 30000 for groceries. So we would be lucky to save 10000 per year and that is if we do not take any vacations or restrict our budget.

I am not sure what you mean by visas. Could you explain more? Do you mean that i can not get visas for them? Are there going ro be any visa restrictions as they are over 18?

In the UAE (and other GCC countries), there is a strict sponsorship system.

Your employer sponsors you for a work visa
Then if eligible re: salary requirements, you sponsor your family members for a dependent visa i.e. wife and children up to the age of 18

As they are beyond 18, they will have visa restrictions.  They can come on visit visas based on your nationality but will have to exit / re-enter after the allowed time period to reset days of stay.  It is cumbersome.

Boys can get visas up to the age of 21 on your sponsorship if they are studying in the UAE - proof would need to be provided.  And the visa is given for 1 year at a time vs. the 2/3 year visa in the normal process.

Your offer base salary AED26000/mo is lower than AUD10833 = AED26622.21/mo (after tax) you're currently earning, so what’s the point of going overseas (UAE) then?

Main incentive is of course the base salary. So, make counter offer and see what your employer will bring on the table. I'm not saying the offer is good, what I'm saying is that you seem to miss other parameters i.e visas as highlighted by other posters. What matters is what ends up in your pocket, not what you see as whole package because other allowances will easily been swallowed by cost of living, rent, transport, education, visas, plane ticket, etc, monthly expenses in UAE not to mention to include your monthly bills and obligation in your country back home.

I see your points. Well if there is going to be visa restrictions, then there will be no point of taking the job anyways. If i have to leave the family behind, that kind of defeats the purpose.

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